It’s all Good with Bueno’s, “The Sacramento B”

Album: The Sacramento B
By: Bueno
Produced: Independent

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Opening up Bueno’s album, “The Sacramento B,” I see an emblem behind the CD that states, “City of Mackramento…Founded in 1849.”  There are images of the light rail, the West Sacramento yellow bridge, The Kings, Bueno’s Face and some bling, pretty catchy.

Opening up the jewel case and snapping the album into my CD player, I see that the first song has a sample of, “I Can Feel It” by Phil Collins as news reporters talk about gang violence and Bueno’s voice comes through – loud and clear, repping Sacramento as his own, he is “The Sacramento B.”

Higher-tempo beats makes Bueno’s album more radio-savvy.  With street-wise and smart lyrics and featuring artists such as Goldie-Gold of The Federation, YukMouth, Mistah F.A.B., San Quinn and Keak The Sneak, Bueno shines through on this album utilizing originality and imagination while making this album.  Cop this album by visiting

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