Stick your head in Zombienose: Book Reviews on “Collision Course Goad” and “Brooding Dead Hearts”

By Marie Carmeli Hocson
Staff Writer

Wear your shadows on your sleeve, shut the shades and make yourself a nice cup of hot toddy and cuddle up to the stories by Zombienose.  The rhyming picture books are not intended for children but for adults who enjoy the sharp, acidic and mordacious patterns of life.

“Collision Course Goad” and “Brooding Dead Hearts” both contain the black and white illustration that reveals the morbid lives of their characters into the ironic couplet poetic prose that defines the fate of each character.  Like an open wound or a bad accident Zombienose pulls you into a dark intriguing motivation to keep flipping the pages to see the twisted fate that happens when serendipity holds the shadows of despair.

“Collision Course Goad” has a contorted story about a girl named Sada who apparently was cleaning out a witch’s house and became victim to a hex, then turning her into a haunted tree.

“From under her coat she drew an axe; the handle was stained with dirty black cracks.  Sada was scared but anxious to be freed from the curse of the evil black tree.”

“Brooding Dead Hearts” captures the sad life of orphaned twin girls named Blanca and Lisi.

“After crying daily for twenty odd years Lisi had finally run out of tears. So what was the cause of her grief you may ask? It all began with a silver toned flask….”

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