Smoov-E is a Sexual Hip-Hop Prince on “Breakdance”

Artist: Smoov-E
Album: “Breakdance”
Produced By: Rap Entering Another Level Records [REAL Records] / City Hall Records

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Eli Meltzer, also known as Smoov-E grew up surrounded around artistic folk, including his own family. This allowed him creative freedom when writing, producing and performing albums such as, “Breakdance,” a throwback to the ’80s, or as Eli says, “Bring Back The Music From the 1980’s,” on the cover of the album.

Eli’s well-rounded nature in art has allowed him to create upbeat, dance-worthy hip-hop that has a sweet old skool hip-hop vibe, be it breakdance, disco, gangsta hip-hop from the ’90s or funk from the ’70s. His music moves around seamlessly and systematically.

In, “Groove City” featuring MC Salaz, that ’80s electronic groove sound mixed with classic hip-hop lyrics, not produced since Afrika Bambaataa, The Fat Boys, Funky Four Plus One and The Cold Crush Brothers. Egyptian Lover even makes an appearance on the album, song entitled, “Breakdance.”

Smoov-E brings creativity, vulgarity and fun back into underground hip-hop. Check out “Breakdance” and other albums at


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