Artist: Apes in English; Album: “The Village Idiots”

One of Apes in English's emcees, 2Ugli books great indie hip-hop shows from Sacramento to the Bay. Check out 2Ugli at for more information about where he is playing and booking!

Album: The Village Idiots
By: Apes In English
Produced: Independent

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Apes In English, deserves at least more album sales since they are now disarmed.  Maybe they will get back together?  Statement true, this duo album, “Village Idiots” brings the darker, melodic side of hip-hop to light, still rocking tight beats and sounds. 

The resonance seeps classic indie hip-hop as artists such as Cawzlos of The Cawz who now works with 26hrz, Kosha Dillz and Jise1 of The Arsonists are pronounced on “Village” tracks.  Be on the look out for emcee Carlos in the future as 2Ugli, grouped up with The Trend Setturz in Sacramento, CA.  Learn more at

Apes in English, "The Village Idiots." -Photo Courtesy of 2Ugli
Apes in English, "The Village Idiots." -Photo Courtesy of 2Ugli


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