Just a Few of the Great: Sacramento International Film Festival Provides the Hits

Written for Sacramento International Film Festival


By Aaris A. Schroeder

It is time for the Sacramento International Film Festival [SFF], a non-profit for-the-arts organization that brings global film director’s masterpieces to the screen every March and April.  There will be several short films, part of SFF’s “Surreal Cinema,” including “Le Grande Depart,” “Wake Up, You’re Sleeping” and “Animated American.”

French-Filmmaker, Daniel Louis has created the film, “Le Grande Depart,” concerning a married man with children who suddenly discovers that his life may not be as it should be, considering leaving his family to start anew. 

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder never knew its match until it met Admirial Napier, a chess prodigy whose life becomes disorderly when life smacks him in the face.  The film, “Wake Up, You’re Sleeping,” directed by Nathaniel Bennett shows that the dealings of this game get much more complex when dishonesty and disheartened aggression are brought to the table; er keyboard. 

Winner for Best Short Film at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival and Golden Pencil Award for Best 2-D Film for the 2D or Not 2D Film Festival, Directors James Baker and Joe Haidar have created a sort of “Roger Rabbit” type of comedic film, bringing to light a real estate boom and crash, mixed in with a little sex appeal, of course.      

SFF wouldn’t be a hit without Sacramento locals attending, so pick up your tickets for “Surreal Cinema” at 24th St. Theater or at the official SFF website, www.sacramentofilmfestival.com.

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