Jimmie Reign: Down-to-Earth and Social-Network Diva

By Monotone

Staff Writer

Jimmie Reign one of the most dynamic r&b artists to hit the radio, Twitter and every social network around.  With tracks and music videos like, “Make You Wait,” “Different Person” and “Can’t Go” featuring Big Rich, Balance and The Jacka – this girl has every guy mesmerized.  If beauty could kill, then this journalist and track producer’s music studio would become a crime scene right now! 

 Her voice range enables her to grasp lower octaves that most cannot attain and reach for notes with a beautiful touch of falsetto when needed. As I listen to her I get the sense that she might be the by-product of a gospel upbringing.  She sounds like she was brought up singing in the church choirs.

“I sing because it’s one of the few things in life that makes and keeps me happy. Even when I was a little girl, if I got in trouble or something made me sad- I’d go in my room and start singing. It would make me forget about what was going on,” says Reign.

 When she was just 15-years-old, Reign was focused on writing and soon recorded her first track, “Play Brothers” when she was in female group Side2Syde.  Now she is completely focused on her music career, doing it for the love not the money.  When she isn’t creating or performing, Reign listens to Sade, El Debarge, Musiq Soulchild and Amel Larrieux. 

Jimmie Reign - No.9580 - fence
Photo by No. 9580


Reign’s manager handles her social networks so that she can focus on her music production and of course being herself outside of music.  Reign enjoys going out like the next person and films such as “Kill Bill,” which she “can’t get enough of…seriously.” Her down-to-earth nature makes her an approachable young lady.

This young r&b diva spends a lot of time with family as well and on her favorite G1 phone. “I’ve had it since it first came out. I looooove that mother effin’ phone! My sis told me to get a Blackberry and I almost did but couldn’t part with my G1.”

“My favorite app[lication] on it is the EBay app. I’m on EBay like every second and the app makes it easy for me to find things and bid. It even has this thing that turns your phone into a scanner. You can scan a barcode and see if EBay is selling that item online,” says Reign in total excitement.

 Check Reign out on every social network, including myspace.com/jimmiereign1, twitter.com/jimmiereign and search for her name on FaceBook to learn more about her day-to-day, current events and new music.

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