Vacaville Church, ‘Father’s House’ to Send Young People to Jerusalem for ‘Encounter Conference 2017’

By Aaris A. Schroeder

A good friend of mine, Vernon Neely is traveling to Jerusalem with a group “The School of Leadership” through his church, “Father’s House” (Vacaville, CA) for “Encounter Conference” where they will have the chance to better their relationship with GOD, better their leadership skills and have the chance to minister to the community in Jerusalem. If you would like to help sponsor Vern in his quest to get to Jerusalem, please click the link offered below to learn more about his trip and help donate!

“I go to ‘The School of Leadership’ it is connected with [the] church I’ve been [attending], learning doctrine, theology, etc. The reason why am doing this program is to further my faith [and] I have a chance to go to Jerusalem to [attend] ‘Encounter Conference.’ [I have served at ‘Father’s House’] for nine months it’s time for me to get filled back up there at the conference.” Neely shares.

‘The School of Leadership’ is to better our leadership skills and better [our] relationship with God.” says Neely.

The group that Neely is traveling with will get to stay for seven nights in local hostels (seemingly to save funds) right next to the Sea of Galilee. They will spend a few other nights in different areas while they travel with a total of 11 days of travel and conference. The group will have their breakfast and dinners paid for only and will have the chance to visit national parks and reserves in Israel. Local church leaders will be speaking to the youth at biblical sites. The crew will be able to spend some down time kayaking, hiking and sight-seeing as well.

Help fund Vernon Neely’s mission and trip right now by clicking the link below.


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