In My Dreams: Poetry By Jhantu Randall

In My Dreams: Poetry By Jhantu Randall. With mentions of #nipseyhussle and #Blackmamba

In My Dreams
By Jhantu Randall

Jhantu Randal
Image of Jhantu Randall Provided By Himself.

In my dreams, I get visions of where I’m supposed to be

Then I awake to this reality where I’m struggling

maintaining and still happy

So many nights I walked in the shadows of death valley

Everyone is on their Nipsey Hussle

Prepare to take the shots as you bubble

Questioning if they really love you

Knowledge On Base Evolution that Mamba mentality

Hard on yourself to seek a sense of perfection

I hold tears of pain behind a painted smile staring in the mirror

Every moment susceptible to change

Atlas walking with the world on my shoulders where the universe is my aim

In the land of the blind how many can actually see?

In motion to merging this reality to those visions given to me when I sleep

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