Made for Spring; Cali-O Puts the “oh” in California

Album: West Coast Music
By: Cali-O
Produced: Independent

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Produced out a couple of Sacramento’s hottest studios in Sacramento, well-known Omina Laboratories and soon-to-be-known 916 Factory, Cali-O has major inside connections with many of Sacramento’s great emcees, engineers and producers.  Artists such as DJ Epik, Chase, Jae Synth, Kron, Jugganox, Cypha Signals and SupasLap are all featured on this album in one way or another.

“West Coast Music” wouldn’t be hot if it didn’t also feature emcees such as Doey Rock, Skurge, Black Zeek, JT Ta Bigga Figga among others.  With a quick-to-pound street anthem style, Cali-O’s song, “West Coast Music,” featuring Doey Rock and Skurge talks about what makes the West Coast’s hip-hop culture what it is.

The album is a perfect fit for a sunny day with the homies and draws loosely on street games, the album is quite catchy.  Check out Cali-O at

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