My name is Aaris A. Schroeder, I started off writing short books at seven-years-old out of my passion for reading as a kid. This developed into poetry at 10-years-old and journalism at 12-years-old where I became an Editor for my Middle School, High School and College Newspapers. I found my affinity for Hip Hop at 14-years-old, growing up in Georgetown, CA where our mountain high elevation gave us access to TV and radio stations from Sacramento all the way to the Bay Area in the '90s. I received several educational and scholarly awards in English, Literature, Choir and Journalism during my Middle School and High School Career. I attended College for Journalism, Multi-Cultural Studies, Mass Communications and more recently E-Marketing. I founded UndergroundBeatOnline in 2001 as one of the few and limited e-zines (online magazines). I have worked hard as a content creator and Editor-In-Chief along with dozen of staff members to promote underground, unsigned and independent artists and artisans of all kinds and within the realm of Hip Hop culture through the last two-plus decades. I have freelanced for several Sacramento and Bay Area Newspapers, Magazines; including Sacramento News & Review, Midtown Monthly, Submerge Magazine, SacTown Mag, MusicReviews.com, IndiePulse.com, and online publications throughout the last 26 years and worked within my community with DowntownGrid.com (advertising/marketing) and personally organized music, art and fashion shows through UBO the last 15-years while helping over 300 artists and businesses with publicity and marketing services.

When I’m Here by Vocab Slick

On Sept 8, 2022, Vocab did it again, dropping yet another video off “Language;” this time releasing a song about giving homage to those who have passed before us. The song, “When I’m Here (feat. Equipto & Simone´ Mosely)” was produced by Nohokai & Starski while the video was directed by Alex Diaz Pena.

Rose Haze To Release ‘Contemplations in the Desert’

Rose Haze lead singer, Kate Ramsey and Ruben Gonzales release "Contemplations in the Desert" with their first single, “Horse Suite II,” a sloppy improv with reverb spread all over it like a hot desert day. The entire album itself is reminiscent of artists such as Coil, Ennio Morricone and Chihei Hatakeyama, pulling a psychedelic post-rock vibe while contemplating life and their very existence. Album drops December 2, 2022. Get the Cassette on Bandcamp. (Link in story).

Pluggin’ ‘GOD’ by 2UGLi

Add the track "GOD" and the entire album, "My Day Begins When Yours Ends" on your Spotify playlist cause it is a 'Real Hip Hop Music' banger. Check out the fresh video on Youtube below. My final thoughts -- I would definitely say it isn't safe to sleep on this dude.