Dangerous Styles for Everyone: Dangerous Styles DVD, “Welcome to the Danger Zone”

By Aaris A. Schroeder
Feb. 23, 2009

Coming home-grown from Dayton, Ohio, Bru Lei, moving from city to city & Amos Famous who now resides in Sacramento, CA has produced a DVD of all their wonderful music videos. 

A little nerdy, a little ghetto and definitely collaborative with other genres of music, pulling soul, blues, drum & bass, rock and punk into their beats, sampled, looped and scratched until all you have left is a Danger Zone.

One of my favorites is, “Baby Bru;” produced by himself,  brings innocent rhyming about his life growing up, “Never been stung…by a bumblebee…’cuz I move like a butterfly, chillin’ on the beach…I’m a Taurus, so you know my sign is bull…I luv to eat brownies, ‘till my tummy gets full.  I don’t own a comb, don’t brush my hair…I touched the backboard when I soared through the air”

One that will get your friends craving the doja is, “Ones That Smoke Blunts Witcha.” Danger Zone music makes you think of home videos.  It is raw, real and fun.  These music videos will leave you craving for the next session like a fat grape blunt. 

This party-full DVD is ready for your player and your fun-time friends. 

Pick one up from www.doveinkrecords.com this week and play it on your projector or flat screen at any house party!

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