Shane Grammer Lifts Spirits

By Aaris A. Schroeder
Contributed By UBO Magazine


Have you ever seen those cute little urban precious moment characters around Sacramento art galleries?  If so, then you have been able to witness Shane Grammer’s “Fatherless Boy,” a character that resembles himself as a young boy.  Grammer was introduced to graffiti art by ways of a 20-year-old video entitled, “Style Wars,” produced by Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant and the rest has been history in the making.


“There is a mind set that if you’re a Graf artist and making money at it, that you’re not a true graffiti artist. Everyone has an opinion but also has there own life to live,” clarifies Grammer.


Even though Grammer grew up in a small town, his heart belongs in the city as he moved to the Bay Area for three years in the late ‘90s. This artisan studied the graffiti art scene, taking notes of large scale graffiti murals on the brick walls of buildings and in the alleyways. He became involved with an outreach program for youth called, “Crossroads” where much of his artwork came to light. Grammer also was a part of the Gospel Graffiti Crew


"Lost" by Shane Grammer
"Lost" by Shane Grammer

In ’96, Grammer began his own business, “SG Studios” because he wanted to take his artwork to the next level, using aerosol, stenciling, he furthermore uses various different artistic mediums such as steel, cement plasters, fiberglass, foam and clay.  The last couple of years he has been able to travel around the US building three-dimensional themed environments for businesses.  

“I think my goal is very simple. Create art with[out] limits that comes from my heart and make money selling it. To me making money is important because it allows me to grow in my art and to be an entrepreneur in creating new ideas,” says Grammer.


Grammer has had his artwork housed in The Artisan, Pipeworks, Shiny Nickel Art Gallery, The Brick House, Sara Jane & Co., The Factory; a music and art collective-effort in Downtown Sacramento, Cool Cat Art Gallery as well as 1AM Gallery in San Francisco, CA. 


You can check out much of his work at and purchase pieces as well as merchandise at

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