Level With Mortis Abstract

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Mortis Abstract is the kind of guy that is humble, honest and friendly.   He has a lot to say inside of his head and you can listen to it on his new album, “Level With Me.” 

Mortis Abstract’s music is complex and spiritual; yielding his grasp of life as he sees it.  Independence, faith and life’s greater efforts are all covered in “Level With Me,” produced by his cousin, Joshua “Describe” Chacon.  This spoken word artist is a perfect fit for poetry slams and a great album to unwind to at the end of the day and has Christian features such as 202, GloryI and Describe. 

“I am a Christian, who loves to write [and] rap,” says Mortis Abstract who began his musical venture in ‘98, with his cousin in the basement, making beats for their group, Via Logics.  Then Mortis Abstract began his solo career.   

“My sound is more cerebral and abstract with a spiritual touch.” Mortis Abstract’s musical influences vary from Pigeon John to Portishead.   “I am serious as any emcee out that is trying to get a point across.  To me it is about having a voice and believing in it, trying to get it to as many people as possible.”

Driven to teach others about Christ, Mortis Abstract now has a different sway to his musical communication, “I realize that people have normal problems.  My music is about life’s struggles.”

Besides music, Mortis Abstract spends his time in other artistic realms with graphic design, collecting movies, grabbing a cup of coffee and writing screenplays. 

“Be yourself, if you’re crazy, be crazy – if you don’t know then be eclectic,” concludes Mortis Abstract, nice touch.

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