Editorial: lets sea heaR: Polytrix

By Annie Jay
Staff Writer

Annie Jay_3
Photo By Kendaru Photography

Well, lets sea hear. I am a creation that is true. There are stars in my blood stream circulating through my solar system so I have no time for Nation, I am my Own. At night tropical, green ivy grows from my spine, pollinated by humming birds yes of course with translucent wings iridescence being their thing. Oh My I must confide that I don’t give a damn about politrix just a waist of my god damn time. Mass distraction innate reaction I have my own universe to tend to, the ebb and flow of oceans of my own. No one owns me. And that is true. Torture me with taxes, unemployment. Foreclosure and all that bullshit. But the sun is free, yeah man you can pay for oxygen or you can just breathe. That’s Right take a deep breath I suggest you do so in a park of trees cuz the air on these streets are full of disease. Inhale exhale now your getting somewhere oxygenating the body and blood, awareness is clear. So whats all this about politics when were filling our bodies with damage. All a game to keep you and I lame but I see and I breathe. All You can do is protect your family and keep it together because broken homes is what most of us are suffering from. Ashe.

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