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UBO-Hammer Newsletter

September 9, 2010                         By Aaris A. Schroeder

Ubo-Hammer Makin’ the News!

SACRAMENTO, CA – NEWSLETTER UPDATE – That’s right, we are literally making the news for you.  Back to basics with a nifty newsletter that you may have received as an e-mail, FaceBook update, link on Twitter or maybe even a text as to where you can pick up this newsletter. 

AUBURN, CA – HIP-HOP CONGRESS – Recently, UBO-Hammer created graffiti hand-style t-shirts by A.C. especially for the Auburn, CA Hip-Hop Congress Community Chapter.  They were well-received at the city’s first ever Hip-Hop Awareness Festival, Saturday, August 14.  We have since sold nearly all of the 90 shirts that were printed and plan on getting some new fresh prints to them soon!  Be aware that Auburn HHC will be having Workshops at the Auburn Recreation District [ARD] every Tuesday. 

For more information, please contact Natalie Pohley on FACEBOOK for more info about events and workshops. 

SACRAMENTO, CA [BOOKDOCKS] – HASO LIVE – This past weekend, SledgeHammer Graffix and HASO live; who currently have a business relationship, took it to the next level as we were out at Full Circle Farm on Sunday, Sept. 5 – UBO-Hammer in Effect! If you weren’t there, make plans to go next year and bring a BBQ, a tent and plenty of brew.  UBO-Hammer created custom-made hand-style t-shirts by none other than A.C., of course.  The t-shirts went over well and artists such as J.Ras, DJ WokStar, King Hopeton and Richie Spice were performing live on stage.  What a night to remember!


Get Involved!

WE WANT YOU! That’s right, we are looking for talented writers, photographers, visual artists, clothing designers and label owners, art gallery owners/curators, boutique managers/owners as well as people who are interested in learning the craft of screen printing and are interested in working with us on some t-shirt ideas! 

If you are a student, you can get credit as an intern.  Every semester the last two years, we have had interns work with us to help further their education and work-experience.  Sound interesting? 

We currently have intern program contact with Los Rios Community School District and Art Institute of Sacramento.  Contact us today: ubohammer@gmail.com.

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UBO-Hammer Calendar
Released, In-Time For Your Weekend!

Sept. 10-16

Friday – Sept 10
Champion Sounds with DJ Esef + Special Guests
Reggae @CapitolGarage [1500 K St], every Friday // 9 pm // 21+ // $5

Sac Area Youth Speaks [S.A.Y.S.] – “Bend Towards Justice”
Benefiting Social Justice Benefit for Sacramento & Oak Park Regions
Food, Forum, Local High Schools in Attendance // Freeport Rd. in LandPark
@SolCollective // 6-10 pm // All-Ages // Sliding Donations $5-$20

Saturday – Sept 11
2nd Saturday @ShinyNickelArtGallery [SNAG] – Feat. MLS [Twitter: @wearemls], RedVelvetKiss & More with local reggae/hip-hop DJs // 21st between O & P

2nd Saturday @HAVOC Boutique: DJ Turntable Battle!  24th between I & J

2nd Saturday – Grand Opening for Sterling Gallery // 1115 21st St. in Midtown
DJs & Local Art

Sell-Out Buy-Out // Check out different clothing lines & see live bands & DJS
@BowsNArrows Boutique Capitol between 17th & 18th

Sunday – Sept 12
Tu-Pac  Celebration Party
@Club DREAM 15th & K St.

Thursday – Sept 16
Plush Thursdays with Conscious Vibes & ABM
Hip-Hop & Dance @Club Blush Ultra Lounge // 1200 K St. // 21+ // Free til 11 pm

“Real Hip-Hop Lives!” Feat. MARS, Mr. P Chill, GlassFire Plus Special Guests
@BlueLamp // 9 pm // 21+ // $6

Info Gathered and Formatted
By: Aaris A. Schroeder

Don’t see your event?  E-mail us or TWITTER us ONLY!
[Don’t Facebook or MySpace us – WE WILL NOT POST YOUR EVENT IF YOU DO THIS]
Send to:
ubohammer@gmail.com OR TWITTER @ubomag.  Thank you!

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UBO-Hammer Reviews



In Review: Indie BOOKS and a Throw-Back


Title: Dare
Author: Abiola Abrams
   If you are interested in getting involved in the music business, whether it is as an emcee, singer, publicist, manager or what have you, then get a copy of “Dare” by Abiola Abrams.  This fictional tale shows two young women go from being fearful and curious about the industry [think: I write my rhymes in a book and am afraid to go to open-mic readings] to Top Billboard Artist.]  This book is definitely a wake-up call to all.
   You can pick up this book as an e-book or purchase it or other books by the same author at SimonSays.com.

Title: Discipline
Author: Paco Ahlgren
   I can’t tell you about the crazy whirlwind of a story that the fictional/sci-fi tale of “Discipline” by Paco Ahlgren tells but I can tell you that if you seek stronger discipline in your life and are into the deep understanding of chess, Quantum Physics and different dimensions then this book is definitely for you. 
   When you are finished reading, you will have a greater respect for the game of life and how it functions as well as understanding of where you are in yours and how you can move forward or move your piece in the right direction, if you will.
   Check out Ahlgren’s website PacoAhlgren.com to get your copy.

Title: Keepin’ It Tight
Author: Shani Greene-Dowdell
    At first glance, “Keepin’ It Tight” by Shani Greene=Dowdell turned my lips into a slight crack and smile at the sight of a handsome black man wearing a white button up and tie, scratching his head, looking confused in the center and a woman on either side of him. To his left, a black woman who looks beautiful in her caramel skin – assured, eclectic in fashion and proud. To his right, a white woman, pasty-almost pink in color, eyes rolled to the ceiling as if to say, “whatever!” and arms crossed all while wearing either a seductive, black office dress or just a fancy cocktail dress. 
   Nonetheless, I just had to read this novel to find out who got the man.  Not to my surprise, this strong, black woman’s novel shows how weak black men can be for shifty white women but in due time they know their place is with their wife, mother of their children, their black woman.  The book will more than crack you up with stereotypical innuendos about black and white women as well as the stereotypical unicorn “successful black man who stays with his family.” 
   It is more of a fairy tale than anything, all set in the same real city in which the author is from.  You will read plenty of, “white women always tryin’ to take our good black men” in this very fictional novel.  Get one for yourself if you don’t believe me at Shanibooks.com.

Title: White Oleander
Author: Janet Fitch
   Oldie but goodie – most of us have seen the movie, “White Oleander” but who has read the book?  The book’s magic is where the movie visually stimulates you.  The main character, Astrid is a young girl who grows up too fast in her mother’s world.  Although her mother does love her, it was only to the extent she knew how; Astrid is quickly rummaged and moved around to different foster homes throughout her teen life.  Her mother doesn’t try to change her ways but finds people who will be on her side which tests Astrid and her resentment towards her mother grows as she realizes what type of woman she really is.   

By Aaris A. Schroeder
Sept. 9, 2010




UBO-Hammer Reviews

In Review: Underground Music You Ain’t Never Heard Of!

Every week, I will pull four CDs out of my box, stack, mp3 lists, etc that are sent to me, completely at random and share them with you! If you want your album, single or mixtape reviewed, mail it to us!

Band: White Minorities
Album: White Minorities
Website: Myspace.com/WhiteMinorities
   I don’t know if White Minorities wanted me to reminisce of my times with White Zombie in high school or if that was just me but this hard-core metal-rap album takes me back to 1999 when Deftones, Evanescence and Limp Bizkit were cool to blast in your car while in college. Either way, you can still find the White Minorities on MySpace.

Band: Yze
Album: People Like Us
Website: Myspace.com/Yze_rhymz, Facebook.com/YzeMusic or Twitter @Yzehiphop
   Yze has been trying to get me to review his album since last winter when my buddy Kosha Dillz told him and his friends to come to Sacramento where they performed at the Hip-Hop Congress Open-Mic. Wanna jump up and down to positive lyrics and gritty beats?  Yze is for you!  Check him out online Yzehiphop.com

More Music?  

I was going to review more music but my environment changed so everyone will have to look forward to next week! If you don’t see your CD here, please send us a press kit to:

PO BOX 160365
Sacramento, CA 95816

** Luv u muah **

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