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   SACRAMENTO, CA – SEPT. 11, 2010 – SECOND SATURDAY IN SEPTEMBER showed how the public and the police treat local entertainment and how both react to it. Unfortunately, in the literal cross fires of it all, Victor Hugo Perez Zavala, 24, was shot along with three other victims.  The police want to call this “gang crossfire” according to Sacbee.com but there are no known released facts about the deceased being involved with a gang or the shooter being gang-related or the other people who no one knows were even remotely related to the incident or friends with the Perez Zavala. 

   No one can be sure what caused the shooter to shoot or if the increase in police made an already hectic day, people and cars filling the streets, music, alcohol, mixture of children and adults part of the culprit to this unfortunate event. From all that I have heard and read about this event; numerous children being arrested, quite possibly for the first time in their live and the increase in police was causing people to stand on end which may result in less attendees next month and more persistent police or a more educated and careful crowd and a police unit that cares about ushering children out at ten and not arresting and telling people to go home who are loitering after 10 pm.

   SACRAMENTO, CA –Sept 11 SECOND SATURDAY IN MIDTOWN– UBO-HAMMER AT SHINY NICKEL ART GALLERY – Kris Gupton, owner of Shiny Nickel Art Gallery on 21st between O and P St is a little off the normal “art-walk” that everyone knows as the blocks between J and K and 20th and 28th but every Second Sat. 21st St. is hot!  UBO-Hammer made an appearance selling none other than the official Shiny Nickel Art Gallery T-shirts.  September ’10 marks the two-year anniversary of SNAG so this was an especially important date not to miss.  Most buyers put the shirt right on and others are in line to get their t-shirt!  MLS and Red Velvet Kiss performed that night with DJ Wok Star and DJ Esef on the ones and twos, playing reggae and hip-hop classics.

   SACRAMENTO, CA – THE BLUE LAMP, SEPT. 16 – UBO-HAMMER was in effect selling our locally famous “One-Love” t-shirts. UBO-Hammer also hand-crafted screen printed and spray painted posters, similar to what you see for rock band concerts.  UBO-Hammer has made these at past events and people can pick one up for just $5.

   The show went well as several emcees and singers hit the stage.  Veteran emcees, Mr. P Chill, Glassfire where Poor and Non of Tribe of Levi performed as well, new face to the hip-hop community; Marz The Marsian and long-time Sactoe-based emcee Pete B. with special a appearance from Crush to perform C.U.F. classics. Ms. Vybe and Chara Charis performed together as well.  The show went well for a mid-week special.

UBO-Hammer Calendar
Released In-Time For Your Weekend!
Sept. 23rd-29th

Thursday – Sept. 23
Plush Thursdays with Conscious Vibes & ABM
@ Club Blush
Tosh-Marley Celebration with Fully Fullwood Band & Zion Roots
@ Harlows // $20 Advance tickets // 21+ // 8:30 pm
RenagadeBeats.com, Harlows.com or The Beat for Ticket info

Friday – Sept. 24
Champion Sounds with DJ Esef + Special Guests
Reggae @CapitolGarage [1500 K St], every Friday // 9 pm // 21+ // $5

Sac Area Youth Speaks [S.A.Y.S.] – Freeport Rd. in LandPark
@SolCollective // 6-10 pm // All-Ages // Sliding Donations $5-$20

Sacramento Jazz Orchestra
Marilyn’s on 908 K. St. between 9th & 10th // 7pm-12am // $15 // 21+

Author Nicholas Sparks to speak at Border’s Books // 7:00 PM // All-Ages // FREE
2339 Fair Oaks Blvd., Sactoe
J. Ras and members of SouLifted, HLS & DJ WokStar – Reggae & Hip-Hop
@ Main Street Brewery in Roseville: 101 Main St. // 9 pm // 21+ // $5
 Saturday – Sept. 25
Sacramento True Revolution – Feat. DJ Riff Raff, Raimon Nemar, Slugworth Chocolate @Level Up Lounge // FREE // 9 pm // LAST SAT. OF EVERY MONTH

Sunday – Sept 26
Tu-Pac Celebration Party
@Club DREAM 15th & K St.

Tuesday – Sept 28
Atmosphere @ Sacramento State, Presented by Unique // 7:30 pm // All Ages // $20

MRQ Band following open mic
Marilyn’s on 908 K. St. between 9th & 10th // 8pm // $3 // 21+

Info Gathered and Formatted
By: Aaris A. Schroeder
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UBO-Hammer Reviews
In Review: Media in Check

Title: Late Night Beat with Max B.
Author: Max Hernandez AKA Emcee Max Bundles
Where to get it:
   If you are into real hip-hop, I mean that soulful, jazzy funky kind; new-school and old-school then get down with Max Bundles, better known for rocking the mic throughout Sacramento venues such as Capitol Garage, Blue Lamp and The Distillery.  Late Nights with Max B are a great way to wind down with some home-style hip-hop grooves. 
   Late Nights with Max B has been rated 897 in the indie radio charts adding more proof that Sacramento has what it takes to be put on the map. The stream website VMP215 is named after Prop 215 to legalize marijuana.
   Check Max B out every Sun-Thurs 11 pm-1 am at
By Aaris A. Schroeder
Sept. 21, 2010


In Review: Underground Music You Ain’t Ever Heard Of!

    Every week, I will pull four CDs out of my box, stack, mp3 lists, etc that are sent to me, completely at random and share them with you! If you want your album, single or mix tape reviewed, mail it to us!


Band: Greasy Rails
Album: Ameet Kamath
Location: San Francisco, CA
www.ameetkamath.com // Twitter @AmeetKamath
   Soft and contemporary, Ameet Kamath’s lyrics are about real life situations.  Bron in Mumbai Middle East] and raised in San Francisco, CA, Kamath angles his music to bring the East and West together, infusing jazz and soft rock together to form a soft pop sound that is perfect to fall asleep to or throw on at a networking mixer.  Throw this album in your mom’s Christmas stocking and you will see her smile.  There are songs about SF, love and “Greasy Rails;” hence the album title name.

Band: Sellassie
Album: Sins of Your Forefathers
Location: San Francisco, CA
Website: http://www.sellassiefrisco.com
   Sellassie, an artist that I have been aware of for years and watched grow has released and pushed his new album, “Sins of Your Forefathers” immensely.  His emcee style is raw and poetic, drawing strength in his political and community-driven lyrics.  Sellassie works in his community with social, youth and political movements and currently has celebrated his one year anniversary creating, Emcees for Peace’s The Matter That Matters” CD and the “West Coast Hip Hop Awards 2010.” Sellassie is in the same musical values as Blackalicious and The Coup. 
   Currently Sellassie is getting the word out, so if you like what you hear, help bring him to your town by contacting

Band: Philadelphia Slick
Album: Oil
Location: Philadelphia
Website: PhiladelphiaSlick.com
   In for a treat with Philadelphia Slick – this band brings a slight funk and ska band sound to pure hip-hop city lyrics.  For those of you that are local Sactoe hip-hop lovers, if you are into any T.P.R. [The People’s Revolution] emcees/groups, such as Mahtie Bush and Tribe of Levi then you will love Phili-Slick! Late 90s-lyrical indie hip-hop style mixed with funktified-jazz beats laid over saxophone, viola, cello, trumpet, bass and keyboard.


More Music?  

There is so much great local music and music all over the state, country and world to review.  If you don’t see your CD here, please send us a press kit to:

PO BOX 160365
Sacramento, CA 95816

** Luv u muah **


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