Raekwon The Chef

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Sunday, May 1, 2011 — Take in some fresh spring air with an early evening show at 7 pm at Ace of Spades, on of Sacramento’s premiere club spots and watch Wu Tang Clan’s Raekwon The Chef perform with local hip-hop celebrities Mean Doe Green, The CUF, Rebel Diaz, C-Plus, DJ Oasis and Kodak Visuals & hosted by hip-hop/reggae performer, J Rass of SouLifted.

Screen Printer and visual artist, A.C. along with painter, sketch artist and graphic designer, Jonas Lynch have created the featured art in this piece that will be screen printed into posters for sale at the Raekwon show and painted live on stage by Lynch himself while Raekwon spits.

Posters will be for sale at Ace of Spades for just $20.  If you have an interest in purchasing one of these classic posters after the event, check out SledgeHammer Graffix to purchase one for $30.

Sunday, May 1 proved to be an amazingly positive show for Sacramento.  The MashUp, F.U.S.E. Entertainment and Ace of Spades has really done it this time.  I am unsure as to if Raewkwon has ever performed in Sacramento and if he has when the last time was that he came to our city but UBOHAMMER is giving him props along with all of the event planning crew for a show well done!

There is a rumor going around that performers do not like to perform in Sacramento or they just add it to their tour last minute between San Francisco and Reno.  Whether this is true or not, this all age event prooved otherwise.  Some of Sacramento’s best local talent, J Ras, host and emcee for the evening along with performances by C-Plus & AV [State Cap of Nieghborhood Watch], Rebel Diaz and DJ Fooders, The C.U.F. along with The C.U.F. Babies, we can’t forget DJ OASIS and Kodak Visuals and last but not least, Doey Rock who was celebrated by Raekwon himself and the crowd in an aplause.

     The all-age crowd swelled by the time The C.U.F. went up.  Once Raekwon hit the stage; taking quite a while as the crowd built anticipation, the bar area thickened up with over 21-year-olds and the dance floor spawned several more under 21-year-olds.  To find a spot to stand was tough enough to find let alone a good spot up front.

As he hit the stage, the crowd screamed and he performed with enthusiasm with his hype man and DJ Symphony who rocked the ones and twos.  Raekwon pulled out two white towels that tied to one another and explained to the crowd that they are not just white towels, they are, “Cash-Man Drapes” and he wipes his forehead with his drapes.

Hard work put in and a show well done, the crowd left looking pleased that their hip-hop appetites have been filled.  Tonite folks aging from 12-years-old to 50-something will be dreaming of real emcees not sugar-coated ginger men.

Jonas Lynch painted live on stage and we were able to capture some of what he did from start to finish!  If you want your own copy of the same piece contact us!  We still have posters left over after the show! You can purchase one for $20, check out SledgeHammer Graffix.


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