Poet Maurice Taylor Shares, “Racism”


By Maurice Taylor

Racism loves me so much it kills me slowly;
Scared for my passing,
Doesn’t want to be lonely.
Every time I try to commit suicide,
She cried
And begged me to stay.
Whenever I need food she laughed.
When I was cold, locked her doors,
But when I showed her, herself
She pulled a gun.
I’m dead now, but not done.

Poet’s Biography
Maurice Taylor’s 

Maurice Taylor

Maurice Taylor has been writing since he learned to write and has been performing since the age of 16. Taylor’s first performance was at Williams College located in Williamstown, Ma when he was a foster child.

Writing for me has been a therapeutic release while at the same time a way for me to bring attention to social political issues and abuse in foster care.”

In ’94, Taylor decided to stop smoking weed and drinking and being that it was close to impossible to find a place to perform without alcohol or drugs. He set out to create an event where artists can not only be heard but the audience can enjoy a clean and sober environment. In ’96 Taylor started organizing open mics in local cafes.

Poetic Recovery, Taylor’s current project is an open mic that takes place every Thursday at El Merado, 413 Main st. Holyoke, Ma at 7 pm. This is an alcohol-free event.

1998: Performed at the United Nations for the Econom--Human Rights Campaign
2000: Hartford Poetry Slam Team
2000-2005: Performed at Voices of the Voiceless
2010: Performed at US Social Form

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