Give Kosha Dillz a Bone: He Really is The Busiest, Hardest Working Music Hustler in the Biz

Give Kosha Dillz a Bone:
He Really is The Busiest, Hardest Working Music Hustler in the Biz

By Aaris A. Schroeder

You wouldn’t know it nowadays but in ’04, Rami Matan Evan-Esh; known to his HipHop fans as the Jewish rapper Kosha Dillz was living back home in New Jersey with his parents finishing up rehab. Kosha was finally ending his days of drug dealing and addiction. Kosha knew he wasn’t going to let his bad experiences and the negativity he let in his life take over because he could see his own potential. So in ’06, Kosha used his recent growth to focus on HipHop “full force,” he says.


In ’11, Kosha Dillz’s manager, Brandon Dorksy (SupergoodMusic) encouraged him to move to L.A. Kosha Dillz was all in. Around the same time, Kosha had met Darah Golub online and invited this videographer and vocalist to join him on the journey to film a documentary about his life, “Kosha Dillz is Everywhere.” She is now working with her new band, The Parlour Tricks. The two filmed nearly every day.

“I am hoping to have it hit Sundance [Film Festival], I just hope there is a purpose to it all,” says Kosha, who began raising money on Kickstarter to shoot the film since early ’11 after a friend brought up the idea to him.

“We are always filming.” says Kosha.

Kosha Dillz wanted to get on the “Murs For President” Tour (Murs is a part of the Living Legends [a Bay Area HipHop collective] and also the guy behind the Paid Dues Festival). Kosha Dillz worked with Murs based on his solid music production over the last eight years and because of a common friend and video director, Jesse Shatkin A.K.A. Belief. Murs knew Shatkin since high school and since he was teaming up with Kosha Dillz, their fate to work together was a sealed deal.

Murs had already heard of the Israeli-Jewish rapper named Kosha Dillz. Who has not? He is one of the top three hardest working emcees out there (the source of this comment has yet to be confirmed however Kosha has been called this more than once). Murs may debate this statement, saying that he is the hardest working emcee.


I just work hard, I don’t think I work hard enough! If I find myself to be surrounded by people who work less than me, I am in the wrong room.” says Kosha Dillz who raps in English, Spanish and Hebrew.

Kosha Dillz then released, “Awkward In A Good Way” November ’13, under Murs’ label, Murs316, featuring his hit song, “We Are Different.” This track bares Kosha Dillz’s soul when it comes to his past abuse with drugs, rehab and making positive changes in his life along with how everyone has their differences, showcasing physical ethnicity differences in the video through beauty, dance and having a good time. Murs loved the concept of the song and video, he told The Source Magazine.

“We Are Different” Kosha Dillz Featuring Murs of Living Legends (Bay Area)


Over the years, Kosha has had the chance to work with world-renowned Jewish reggae-hip hop artist, Matisyahu. Their relationship has always been dynamic. Matisyahu gave Kosha a chance to be on stage with him when Kosha was taking his music business seriously. The two work well together, operating on “vibes, improv and impulse.”

“Goes out and makes whatever happen happen. He’s built himself a pretty strong following. He’s got a lot of hunger,” Matisyahu shares.

“It is a blessing and a curse. I think the blessings are more outspoken than any curse. The curse is always wanting more than what you already have,” Kosha follows up about Matisyahu.

Kosha and Matis

Kosha Dillz’s accomplishments in ’15 are something to be proud of. For one, he is officially over 11 years clean and sober. All of this ‘feel-good-ness’ helped him to fulfill his dreams.

As a side note, I met Kosha Dillz months after he decided to go sober, and just like most people, I was amazed that he made the choice and hoped he could stick with it. I also wondered how strong he would have to be, especially in the face of living that rapper lifestyle, booking shows, going on tours, album signings, but Kosha did it. He beat the odds and we are proud of him at UBO MAG!

Kosha performed at SXSW with Gangsta Boo, Murs and Congo Sanchez. Kosha Dillz even had the chance to organize his own SXSW stage event and flew out performers from Israel to perform along side him. Kosha received the deal to work with TLV Festival in Israel through SXSW working with Israeli talent in hopes to export them to the United States for exposure.

During festival season, Kosha was mad busy. He performed at 41 out of 67 shows in ’15 for The Vans Warped Tour (while living in a band for two months). Kosha then headed out to Israel with Kevin Lyman (Founder of The Warped Tour) to perform and recruit artists for SXSW.



How exactly he landed the gig of flying out artists from out of the country is his little secret but let us just say he is very good at what he does and we can all look forward to more Israeli artists at SXSW, thanks to Kosha Dillz.

“SXSW has given me a career. It’s a place where you can run wild and anything can happen and boundaries are lifted for a week. The element of surprise is your greatest tool,” explains Kosha Dillz.

Kosha Dillz keeps himself busy with all sorts of projects. He landed a role in a movie called, “Scumbag,” written by Mars Roberge about his life. This film is due out in ’16 which features one of those Fishbone guys and Ron Jeremy (can not wait to see that one.) Kosha’s role is playing a “really shady” salesman, which came “surprisingly easy” he jokes. “Scumbag” has plans of being shown at different film festivals and hopefully at the Toronto Film Festival in Canada. UBO MAG will keep you up to date on film screenings and showings.

Most recently, Kosha Dillz received a gig to have his song, “Cellular Phone” from his “Beverly Dillz” album played in a Super Bowl Commercial, it was “so epic of a night.” he says. The commercial was produced by Jesse Shatkin (Produced Sia’s Chandelier, One Direction and Santigold). Shatkin produced two of Kosha Dillz albums, including this one, released in ’09 and was inspirational in getting him the Superbowl gig.

Super Bowl Commercial

Actual music video


If Kosha Dillz isn’t the hardest working emcee in the music biz, he is definitely the busiest. Besides a movie and documentary coming out, working for SXSW, traveling, touring, networking (always); oh and he is an avid writer, contributing to different publications, he plans on releasing his newest album, “What I Do All Day and Pickle” and two books. One book is, what else, a compilation of articles he has written and the other is a book describing his experiences while incarcerated through his diaries he kept and “dissecting the mind of an addict 13 years later.” This is a diligent and busy guy and he does not give up on anyone or himself.

“I am inspired right now to become a better rapper. I want to be able to tell my story and I believe once I tell it and how I tell it are very crucial to success nowadays. You need visuals to go along with everything,” Kosha Dillz shares about his passion as an artist.

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Kosha Dillz Feat. Rapper Pooh in “West Coast Flava”

Kosha Dillz in “Hanging Out”


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