What Happened to Timothy Rhyme? World Travel and Hip-Hop Love

What Happened to Timothy Rhyme?
World Travel and Hip-Hop Love

By Aaris A. Schroeder

If you have been living in Sacramento for a while and are a part of the HipHop culture, then you may remember A.R.A.B., a local rapper and college student who also was the founding member of First Dirt. Well, a few years back in ’11, A.R.A.B. made the decision to move to Los Angeles to work on his music and changed his rap name to Timothy Rhyme.

“I’ve been planting seeds for years and just made sure I kept building on the relationships I had in and out of the music world,” T.R. tells UBO MAG.

Since moving to the San Fernando Valley, T.R. has picked up several gigs in music, including SXSW Festival where T.R. and his crew, First Dirt, made up of himself and 60 East, held a Declaration of Independents Showcase. The guys shot video of SXSW, handed out promotional items while networking and performed at several stages.

Timothy Rhyme Promo 2

In Atlanta, GA, First Dirt performed at A3C, a huge annual HipHop festival and conference. T.R. had the chance to perform with Crooked I and, of course, did their thing, networking.

Both SXSW and A3C were gigs they picked up while on their “The Declaration of Independents Tour,” a platform First Dirt organized that conveys the message of connection to independent artists through resources and offering feedback.

“We have created a small community of musicians and business people that all believe in the indie message” says Timothy Rhyme.

Recently, First Dirt traveled to Europe and had the chance to go on tour. T.R. says that his experience in Europe was with a vibe that is much more open and friendly than in the states.

“They kept saying that the U.S.A. has a ‘love problem.’ They welcomed us like we were one of them and showed [us] so much love for saying positive things in our music and for keeping the culture alive. That is rare in the states.” T.R. says.

Timothy Rhyme Promo 1

Timothy Rhymes latest project is entitled, “Comeback of the Century,” and indeed, it has been just that for him. He is also working with 60 East on a new untitled project, fans should be on the look out this

First Dirt plans on releasing this new album and organizing a huge 10-year anniversary celebration event soon. They will be releasing the whole sha-bang with albums, First Dirt Apparel and more!

“I think I am living my dream. I’m a dude from Valley High [school] that has been able to travel the world doing something I love. I feel like a blessed man.” T.R. concludes of his growth over the years.

First Dirt Videos Featuring Timothy Rhyme 

Timothy Rhyme – “Broke Anthem” (Produced By Nay The Producer)

Timothy Rhyme Feat. Jeff K “Immortal” (Produced By Nay The Producer)


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