DJ Khaled and Nas Get It Right With, “Nas Album Done”

DJ Khaled and Nas Get It Right With, “Nas Album Done”

By Aaris A. Schroeder

The video, “Nas Album Done” produced by “L.A.” Reid (EPIC Records) and released by DJ Khaled for his album, “Major Key” featuring Nas is beyond awesome, sampling Lauren Hill of The Fugee’s, “Fu-Gee-La” (’96) in the background (or if you are really old school, credit for those famous words go to Teena Marie, “Oh la la la.”)

“Classic Shit, Timeless, Forever, Iconic” are the words that sum up this video and repeated by Nas towards the end of his bars before it cuts to DJ Khaled getting down with Jamaicans.

The video starts off with DJ Khaled pounding around Jamaica with the locals and then shoots over to Nas breakin’ it down. The last quarter of the video is DJ Khaled talking to a Jamaican in his native tongue. Some of the responses to this video on Youtube are leery about his accent.

“Khaled’s Jamaican was “okay,” this coming from a Jamaican. It was just ‘okay,’ lol” says Youtube user, Macmittens411.

DJ Khaled does some interesting feats in this video, for one, he is riding a horse through the ocean with a cigar in his mouth (all done while in slow motion.) Nas and DJ Khaled are recorded leaving an ancient building where fire dancers are blowing fire from their mouths. He also is seen sitting down and talking with Jamaican dancehall legend, Louie Rankin about uplifting the youth. If you watch closely, you will see Puff Daddy’s Ciroc Vodka bottles through out the video, Khaled’s beverage of choice.

Nas has been rapping for over 20 years and his cadence has always been on point as one of the best emcees ever to cross the stage. Nas speaks truth when he writes and his message is always current with what is going on in the world at the time. His voice is clean without all the drama and mumble that is heard now days in so-called “hip-hop.” This is seen in his latest album, “Life Is Good” and also on the song, “Distant Relatives” featuring Damien Marley.

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