Poetry By: Noxie Roxie // Our Love Is Real

Our Love Is Real

BY Noxie Roxie

My life has been
One great shoot
To freedom bent

My life has been
One solid choice
Once or again

Christianity to me
Has been a Force
A Recon With
A fear

A Reason Why
I Don’t understand
Five times it took me
Sixth Got me

Baby, Love of My Life
Strife, Was nothing

In our Lives
A Real

Love, Something I’d Die For
My heart, chooses who
Is right-sided for
My Love

Is deeper than you thought
Wasn’t bought
This love, wasn’t sought
Just Taught

That time is what we bought
Some say, that it’s weak
Bring me to my knees
Stronger than ever

Through the weather
Ups and Downs
This does get so much better!
Our love is so real!

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