Pastie Magic: Janet Jacksonʻs Got Nothing On These Purna Petals

This self-proclaimed and artistically-driven pastie creator uses anything from paper to leather to vinyl and special fabrics and glitters to blossom beautiful flowers for any woman’s bosom, big or small.

Pastie Magic: Janet Jacksonʻs Got Nothing On These Purna Petals

By Aaris A. Schroeder
Reference: Purna Petals Biography
Written By UBO P.R. & Marketing
July 17, 2018

Aparna Self Image
Photo of Aparna Jaituni, founder of Purna Petals.

Aparna Jaituni, born in Brooklyn, New York to first-generation East-Indian parents always had a hard time finding her true identity and acceptance within her family. This may have been what drove her to start her business, Purna Petals. Aparna was given the pet-name of “Purna” defined as, “complete or perfect” in Sankrit by a friend which is ironic due to her heritage so it was no wonder that Aparna chose to name her business, Purna Petals.

There is not a better story than the one you will hear from Aparna and her Do-It-Yourself business, Purna Petals. This self-proclaimed and artistically-driven pastie creator uses anything from paper to leather to vinyl and special fabrics and glitters to blossom beautiful flowers for any woman’s bosom, big or small. When a client purchases a sweet pair of these original Purna Petal Pasties, each kit comes with tape or adhesive, sterile alcohol, gauze and instructions. Perfect for festival-goers or those who perform on the wild side.

Aparna knows a little something about rebelling. Her strict-Methodist parents moved their family quite frequently during Aparnaʻs adolescence due to her parentsʻ involvement with the United States Air Force. Similarly to others who were brought up in strict religious/ethnic households, Aparna lacked the support an independent, female artist desperately needed. This seemed to cause her life to become chaotic and gypsy-like.

Aparna found those who would support her. She dropped out of high school, moved in with a boyfriend at 17-years-old and hung around a modge podge of like-minded defiant peers until she decided to graduate.

“There is nothing normal about my life. I guess I am a bit eccentric.” Aparna recalls not being grounded as a young adult and sought assistance in her late 30s with mental illness. Already struggling with Fibromyalgia since her teens, she came to find out she had conditions such as, bipolar depression, borderline personality disorder and acute anxiety disorder with severe intermittent panic attacks. Now it is all about being positive, healthy lifestyle for herself and her son as well as her growing business, Purna Petals.

“I want people to know that mental illness is [out] there and you can still be okay with a strong support system and wellness techniques such as yoga and meditation.” Aparna shares.

Turning another leaf, Aparna was able to express her passion as an artist by helping her son create a Valentine’s art project in ʻ13 using paper and was immediately given the satisfaction and support she desired for so many years. Aparna began creating paper-flower arrangements. Within four years, Aparna went from paper-flower arrangements into wearable paper hair-clips/broaches to up-cycled leather hair/broach pins and finally to the main course, her vinyl and fabric pasties which she began creating March ʻ18.

“My petal shaped fashion pasties are intended to celebrate women in all sizes and shapes and make them feel beautiful! Purna Petals are really for everyone though. I am a proud and aspiring Mom-made business!” Proclaims Aparna, who is passionate about handcrafting products with the good intentions of uplifting women.

Aparna has already a few events under her belt this year, including a May showcasing of Purna Petals at The Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, CA for the monthly “Thursday Art-Mix” themed “Fierce” where she showcased and sold upcycled leather hair flowers and pasties.

Purna Petals proudly presented at her first Burlesque show with her beautifully, hand-crafted petals and was featured as a vendor at the Darling Clementine’s Variety Show “Glitter-gasm”  in May 2018. Purna Petals also helped to dress up the bosoms of women in June with “Indiana Bones Burlesque and Variety Show” both in Sacramento.

Purna Petals made an event stop in July at “Cybilʻs Star Spangled Burlesque Show,” a sexy burlesque show in Placerville, CA. Following up at “Dusk,” a second-annual July event, organized by FACES Club in Downtown Sacramento, Lavender District. The motto is, “Wear your furry, shiny, sparkly fits!” Aparna will display Purna Petals with a specially designed booth.

Purna Petals will not stop just there, Aparna already has some major sponsorships set up with regional artists, performers and athletes such as Jessie El Toro Santos, a lingerie MMA fighter and reality TV host in Las Vegas, NV. Another sponsorship is with burlesque-dancer, fire-eater and aerial-hooper, Ruby Mae Berry-Venette. Also, The Pocket Princess pin-up and Mexican spitfire of Burlesque, Ruby Champagne proudly adorned herself in Purna Petals. Aparna has been able to sponsor a variety of performers and assist in their growth and marketing of their crafts.

Since beginning business March ʻ18, Aparna has been receiving more business than she ever has making art previously. Aparna added a few business classes to her repertoire, outsourced her own software and website designers.

“My business angle is to make women feel beautiful in their own skin and body,” says Aparna. She hopes to showcase her Purna Petals in maternity shoots, for breast cancer awareness marches and under sexy/showy shirts to offer some privacy in a sexy, beautiful way.

To learn more about Purna Petals and get yourself a pair, check out the links below:

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