Wescover: The New Way To Find Workable Art

Wescover is bringing the work of local artists and designers under the spotlight so readers can find their art in public spaces.

By Aaris A. Schroeder
January 28, 2019

Wescover is bringing the work of local artists and designers under the spotlight so readers can find their art in public spaces.

Whether or not you’re conscious of it, design objects impact your daily life. Sometimes you walk into a business that just lights up with its own aura, individuality. Then you start to experience little details that make the space so cool: the plates on your table, a huge mural painted across the wall, and even the chairs seem stylish but so comfortable. Ever wonder who created the chairs, mural, ceramics, or even bench outside? If it caught your eye, chances are it’s a unique, hand-made design. Wescover points out what’s original and who made it in spaces everywhere. So you can find out who made what— and where to find more for your own home.

It’s not just about beautiful things though— it’s about the stories behind these rooms that take each object from cool to fascinating. Wescover connects the people, places and stories behind each art and design object. So if you have a favorite place, one that inspires you every time you’re there, you can discover what went into making it. As you reveal more elements, you can see how these artists are connected and where else they have their work— from the Ace Hotel LA, to an Instagram celebrity’s apartment, even a Tokyo coffee shop.  

Mixed-media collage artist, Hagop Belian, captivates us with his murals and wall art that bring healing and inspirational energy to the spaces that they adorn.

On Wescover, artists and designers of all kinds come together in one community of “creators.” Instead of grouping artists solely on what objects they make, like “You’re ceramicists. You’re architects. You’re woodworkers.” Creators are connected by where they have their work. Like a chair designer and muralist are connected by their work in the Ace Hotel. Since these creative professionals make very different products, they complimentary instead of in direct competition. Which means the Creator Community is and largely supporting and promoting each other’s work! Furniture Creators Fyrn, have found success working with the community.

“There are so many talented people and creative businesses pouring their souls into making beautiful and useful things that often go undiscovered by most people.” says Fyrn. By telling Fyrn’s story and creating a map with a beautiful presentation of where our work exists in the world, it makes it easier for us to be discovered and gives us the credibility gained by sharing the company of other great artists and designers.”  

Wescover is giving artists the chance to do something big, share their story and earn respect in their community while building an art-business. The site helps us see that no matter where you are, there is a community of local Creators to discover. What’s more, by helping us notice these original artists, we are getting a better sense of the alternatives to large design retailers. And this means we can create more expressive spaces that reflect our unique tastes and support Creators.

Sign up today to show off your art, find art for your space or purchase art! Who knows, you may be the next person to be featured on Wescover or you may find that unique piece that makes your space yours.

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