Black Rose Fashion Showcase for B. Cole Clothing

ʻBlack Rose,ʻ a fashion show that took place at The Picasso on 3822 S. Union Ave, Tacoma, WA on March 30, beginning at 5 pm and presented by B. Cole Clothing an apparel line created by emcee and entrepreneur Bacari Hunter and his wife Layla Hunter-Cole

Black Rose Fashion Showcase for B. Cole Clothing

By Jhantu Randall
Written From Writerʻs Perspective

In preparing to write about ʻBlack Rose,ʻ a fashion show that took place at The Picasso on 3822 S. Union Ave, Tacoma, WA on March 30, beginning at 5 pm and presented by B. Cole Clothing an apparel line created by emcee and entrepreneur Bacari Hunter and his wife Layla Hunter-Cole, I had to step outside my comfort zone a bit and build upon what I normally write about.

Normally, I tend to spend time writing about new music and upcoming shows; whether it is a local or national story. I have always wondered as a journalist what avenues beyond music does HipHop cover? While rapping is the most visible, promoted aspect of HipHop culture, the scene itself encompasses a variety of industries where each player can roll the dice in pursuit of their own aspirations.

Photo Credit Goes to Jhantu Randall

For instance, shows that combine the emcee-artist with professional photographers, journalists, fashion designers and entrepreneurs in general was always something I have striven to cover. It just so happened that I was given the opportunity to interview Asia Jones, one of the models who was showcased at the event.

Upon arrival, some early hip-hop entertainment was wrapping up for a crowd. A few photographersʻ cameras were flashing about, lighting up an already bright room that was separated by a wood railing, keeping the bar on one side and cocktail tables on the other where guests watched on. To the right stood a few clothing racks accompanied by a steady line of merchandise booths that sold everything from clothing to jewelry. As people gathered to watch the event’s lineup, the fashion show was about to begin.

Photo Credit Goes to Jhantu Randall

As the B. Cole fashion show begins and models take to the stage to flaunt ʻwhat the got,ʻ Hunter himself was decked out in an all red B. Cole ensemble while he live-streamed the show with expertise. Enjoying the unveiling of B. Coleʻs hand-stitched and self-made Afro-Centric sweatsuits, hoodies and shirts, I was feeling quite inspired.

I reached out and was fortunate enough to get an interview with Asia Jones and just as briskly as the models walking down the catwalk, I pushed record on my phone and recorded my interview with Jones.

AJ: Hey, how ya doing?
JT: I’ve been meaning to ask, how long have you been modeling?
AJ: Well, I didn’t officially start modeling until a few months ago. I started applying for gigs on Craigslist ads but its always been an idea or dream since I was little. Ya know, [as] you get older those dreams kind of die off…
JT: Ya, this seems to be a good way to resurrect the dream.
AJ: Ya.
JT: So you are here at the Black Rose Event, modeling Bacari Hunter’s B. Cole line. I have been following Bacari for about a year on social media. I actually did a write-up on an artist from Alabama that reminded me so much of him…
AJ: Oh wow, so like music-wise or—
JT: Ya, music-wise more than anything so I gave Bacari a shout-out after that. So pivoting
back, how did you get involved in the Black Rose show?
AJ: For this show, B. Cole, or Layla Cole, B.coleʻs wife had reached out to me wanting me to model their woman’s line.
JT: So is this the first gig like this that you have done?
AJ: No, I did Seattle Fashion Week a few years ago when I was around 20 or 21[-years-old], so that was a while ago.
JT: So it took a couple of years to let it marinate and get back in it.
AJ: Yes, you get it! You know how you have things going on then life just happens so you work with it and a few years later you’re back on it again. It just seems like I always find my way back to modeling and entertainment.
JT: That’s news though, so [to the readers] people that is proof to never give up on your dream.
AJ: Ya! (Both laughing at this point)
JT: I’d assume that’s what drives you; besides family and friends?
AJ: Modeling? Well I’d say more like any form of entertainment in general. I’d like to entertain people but also show them a way to inspire them to continue following their dreams.
JT: What do you see for the future?
AJ: In a couple months, I aim to do other shows. The people I’m working with says it takes years to build a resume to get that A-list. It’s gonna take some time to learn and I can do small projects but I’m hoping to build.
JT: Where do you see your resume taking you? Acting maybe?
AJ: I love acting. I actually prefer it to modeling but modeling is giving me more opportunities than acting where the pool is smaller. I’d love to eventually become an actress and push for an A-list movie in the future.
JT: Me too, I mean put me on Power right now, ha-ha-ha! Well, thank you for your time, Asia Jones.
A: Thank you!

Photo Credit Goes to Jhantu Randall

The Black Rose Fashion Show Conclusion

I will say overall the Black Rose event was a success from the eyes of an attendee. There’s something to be said to be in a room full of people from numerous walks of life coming together and having a good time elevating others.

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