The Legendary Suga-T Shares Beauty Secret That Has Kept Her Vibrant & Youthful All These Years Raising the Bar as She Acknowledges ‘Making Grandmothers Great Again’

The Legendary Suga-T Shares Beauty Secret That Has Kept Her Vibrant & Youthful All These Years Raising the Bar as She Acknowledges ‘Making Grandmothers Great Again’

By Aaris A. Schroeder

California Bay Area Female Hip-Hop Trailblazer, Author, C.E.O., Producer  Suga-T, Sister of mogul E40 Wants to “Make Mothers and Grandmothers Great Again” & by Launching a His or Her Fragrance Set WORK ,” Including a Complimentary Beauty & Health Platform that Keeps Women Healthy, Inspired, Beautiful, Smelling Incredible & Feeling Safe During COVID19 Restrictions.

Suga-T, a matriarch for women in hip-hop, is revealing her message about the state of motherhood and ageism in Hip-Hop with personal experience as a grandmother of six, starting as a teen mom. Suga-T continues to survive and excel in an industry that is self-satisfying to men springing equal hatred and disrespect even amongst women in the same industry towards their own counterparts.

Image Contributed by Suga-T

“I am not ashamed of being a grandmother. My success is not measured on fame and money, more so on my ability to have the best of both worlds in music and motherhood and now grandmotherhood.” Suga-T personally shares and understands the unique experience a young grandmother has.

Suga-T has written the recipe for success, balance and good health for women while preparing for her over-30-year, 20th anniversary and retirement album TRUTHfeaturing the “WORK” Soundtrack.  The recipe for success is for all women, not just for women in Hip-Hop, where she states that “sexism and abusive language has ran rampant for decades.” Suga-T encourages Black Americans, grandmothers and minorities; who are primarily ‘essential workers’and are at a higher risk of infection due to underlined health and economic conditions, to enjoy the “WORK It Virtual Café” and THE WORK It Fragranceto empower themselves.

The “WORK It Health Wealth Café” is a virtual workout platform that will provide a well-rounded experience for women to re-purpose. The experience provides a safe, fun, face-time activity for ladies to queen up and reward themselves with low-impact dance and workout combinations, backed by exclusive music from Suga-T. Also included are empowerment media such as Suga-T latest women’s empowerment book “Your Perfume” and economic empowerment book “Boss Up BAYB” and tasty meal plans from her upcoming cook book along with healthy tips. Suga-T believes that now is the perfect time to inspire mothers and women as a whole to re-purpose themselves and start re-building.

The “WORK” Fragrance, gesturing “WORK It,” is a limited edition scentfrom the Sprinkle Me Street Empowerment Collection inspired by Suga-T’s  & her brother E40’s infamous (multi-platinum)  hit song, “Sprinkle Me” which will be available at SprinkleMe. Customers will receive a complimentary 30-day WORK COVID19 online membership where they will gain access to a virtual platform in response to purchasing the new fragrance. It is important to know that Suga-T is inviting ladies of all ethnicities, shapes and sizes to join. Suga-T is just getting started and will continue these self-motivating services and programs beyond the COVID19 Quarantine.

“I can’t say enough that grandmothers and mothers need to be motivated, celebrated and great again. It’s a sick reality, that females in Hip-Hop are told to start their career young and once they have children or show signs of maturity, their career is deemed finished by men, who seemingly still control most of the industry or competition,” explains Suga-T. She reiterates that the hip-hop culture is the only genre of music that forces women into early retirement due to the lack of celebration towards mother and grandmotherhood.

Suga-T wants all women to love themselves and the skin they are in. Her motto is “It isn’t about being skinny, it is about being healthy.” She feels that the reflection of how the Hip-Hop industry treats women as they mature has had a direct influential effect on the common communities in which these women live which is the premise for creating these services for all women. Join and support the movement and let’s “make mothers and grandmothers great again.”

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