FREQY Music Group Founder Andrew Lozano Surprises Fans with ‘Conceptualize;’ A Lo-Fi Chili-Chill Experience

Do yourself a favor, check out “Conceptualize” and put this in your music catalog so when you want to ‘Chili-Chill’ out or just set the mood to a more relaxed mode of Hip Hop, Andrew Lozano is just the right ticket. Check out more about Andrew Lozano on his website FREQY MUSIC GROUP.

FREQY Music Group Founder Andrew Lozano Surprises Fans with ‘Conceptualize;’ A Lo-Fi Chilli-Chil Experience

By Aaris A. Schroeder

It has been said that trends come and go but that style is eternal. Sacramento -based Andrew Lozano has style in spades, which is showcased on his debut album “Conceptualize,” where a chill calm came over, with surprising grooves and flows, bringing an almost jazzy, Lo-Fi feel to his album.

Andrew Lozano has always been musically inclined. He started playing bass guitar and piano when he was 11-years-old, playing with several underground bands through the ‘90s before he moved into creating electronic music, joining house music trio Uneaq. Things started to take a more serious turn with this music so in 2004, Andrew Lozano moved from San Jose to Elk Grove where he began to manage a music label with Joshua Marquez called “Clique Trax.” Soon after, he opened shop with his own studio creating, Freqy Music Group. Locally, Lozano began working with some of the best artists out of Sacramento producing and mixing music for Billy Lane, El Conductor, Live Manikins and Roving Jewel where he was able to engineer and master some of their best work to date.

Andrew Lozano is becoming a household name in Sacramento as an engineer and music producer, he has put his thumbprint on several label projects, including Om Records, Pan Handle, Nightshift, Jump Recordings, Fogbank, Jetset and, of course, his own label, Freqy Music Group.

It’s Lo-Fi, certainly but more than that, it is a journey through sound in its many forms, from the opening and the first song is entitled “Conceptualize.”  Out the gate, Andrew Lozano delivers a beautiful arpeggiated piano threads that are accompanied by angelic chants, vibrato guitar and horns. A truly beautiful intro for what is to come next on the track list.

Venturing through the next few songs, the tracks “Honey” and “Synesthesia” have a Hip Hop-infused jazz element; similar to something heard from Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz catalog. “New Age Of Man” is another example of Andrew Lozano’s musical imagination. 

“This song is about a little boy who is camping out in the backyard gazing at the stars. He goes into deep thought and sees himself becoming an astronaut as the countdown to take off and ends with a clap [as] a rising side-chained synth takes the listener on a pulsating ride. As the rocket is flying through the sky, a little girl is playing outside eating her ice cream chasing a butterfly and points to the fiery trail of smoke.  The little boy, now a man, watches the world move further away as comets whistle past his cabin window into the dark heavens of space.” Andrew Lozano explains. 

The song “How You feel” starts off with some eerie keys that catches the ear and then seemingly raked into the vile sound of Andrew Lozano’s imagination. His arpeggiated baseline is unpredictable followed up by some amazing piano by featured artist Jonathan Bengco who settles the dust into the sunset ending. Beautifully done! 

“Street Love (feat. 2Ugli)”  has a familiar J Dilla type of Hip Hop flavor. Andrew  Lozano develops a pulsing beat like a swaying boom-bap that compliments 2Ugli’s stream of lyricism. This new style of music is the direction Andrew Lozano is headed within Hip Hop.

Another favorite track is, “Feel It In My Soul (feat. Johnny).” The song sets the mood to be in Johnny’s world as he talks about his friends, smoking blunts, attending school and just life in general with beautiful, softly sprinkled keys flowing around each bar he spits, making the song almost dream-like in essence. The lyrics speak for themselves in the chorus:

“I told them, I feel it in my soul | The flow is chili-chillin’ | They can feel it in their bones | I’m headed home | The reefer got me up right up in my zone | Ain’t no one know I am a Jedi | They attackin’ with the Clones.” The Chorus of “Feel it In My Soul (feat. Johnny)”

“Emotion” sounds like a ChilledCow compilation track. With its distinct Lo-Fi-vinyl crackling sound, Andrew Lozano slows down the BPM just enough to capture a muffled vocal and analog synthesizer, amplifying nostalgia. 

Andrew Lozano picks up the pace with the song “Always.”  The track starts off subtle with some FM keys that are carefully filtered as strings and male vocals take over and sing “Always be there…”  Andrew Lozano, once again, captures a solid sound with his signature crafted side-chained compression that keeps the song moving with a soulful Nu-Disco essence. 

Andrew Lozano also teams up with artist DJ Karl Larado and delivers a left-field experimental, slow gridding track called “Living The Life.”  The track has a mesmerizing pulse throughout as the lyrics repeat “I’m living the life…” with a hint of some old-skool funk snippets. 

Andrew Lozano closes his album with an up-tempo song entitled “Universe.” This track is refreshing to listen to as it takes you through the album’s journey back down to Andrew Lozano’s musical conception!

This will not be the last time you hear about Andrew Lozano as he has a follow-up 5-track E.P. to be released February 2021 entitled, “Weekdays” that will carry a similar Lo-Fi, Chill-Hop story-telling with music strategy as “Conceptualize.”

Do yourself a favor, check out “Conceptualize” and put this in your music catalog so when you want to ‘Chili-Chill’ out or just set the mood to a more relaxed mode of Hip Hop, Andrew Lozano is just the right ticket. Check out more about Andrew Lozano on his website FREQY MUSIC GROUP. “Conceptualize” is on all major music platforms and stores. Please view the links below for more information.

Album Cover Art Created By Angela Lozano

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