Mic Jordan is Analytical and Persuasive in Hip-Hop

Album: Leviathan
By: Mic Jordan of Tribe of Levi
Produced: Independent

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Tribe of Levi has always been about their emceeing skills and word play, bringing the attention to local and universal politics and life’s daily dealings, so it is no wonder that Mic Jordan’s mind aimed in the same direction with his second solo album represents the same appeal.

With songs produced by Daddy Longlegs, 26hrz, Agustus thElefant, Ospis and more; a diversified, non-complex set of beats sets Mic Jordan’s lyrics on fire.  Probably the most controversial song, “TPR,” featuring Carlos Lopez [Cawzlos], Old Ghost, NON [of Tribe of Levi] and Buddhachild all on the notion of community change in Sacramento, politics and the streets. 

Bru Lei, Mahtie Bush, 5th Ave [Neighborhood Watch], Rogue Scholars, Random Abiladeze [Neighborhood Watch], Rick Tognotti, Glassfire [Forms In Flux] are all featured on Mic Jordan’s underground lyrical masterpiece. 


Mic Jordan Makin' It Happen
Mic Jordan Makin' It Happen
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