A Flurry of Underground Artists Make Up The Mighty Underdogs, “The Prelude” Independently Produced E.P.

Album: The Prelude EP
By: The Mighty Underdogs
Produced: The Mighty Underdogs


The Mighty Underdogs, made up of Gift of Gab, Lateef The Truthspeaker and Headnotic are at it again, bringing DJ Shadow on track “UFC” and MF Doom on “Gunfight” among others together on their EP, “The Prelude,” released winter ’07.

This album brings old school anthems, almost southern-sounding, funky 80s beats, wonderful melodic music; even party beats together creating this 6-song EP.  Not as clean as Gab’s “Supreme Lyricism, Volume I,” this EP seems an attempt to create positive, poppy-sounding feel-good music to life.

The Mighty Underdogs Album Cover
The Mighty Underdogs Album Cover

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