Son of a Diddly, It’s Ned Flanders…

Ned "Lanky" Flanders offers cool pen and ink art for all!

Ned ”Lanky” Flanders

Created by Aaris A. Schroeder




Ned Flanders, otherwise known as Lanky due to his long, thin-like body isn’t an artist you would expect to come out of Orangevale, CA.  He’s in the indie art and music scene, flashing his art at local boutiques, venues and art galleries such as Blue Lamp and Deeda Salon.  He has definitely made a name for himself the last couple of years.


The art that is in demand is a cool, retro slant on tattoo inspired pen and ink pieces.  His artwork appears to belong on the arm of a Mexican Catholic yet the images aren’t all godly, there are messages in them.  Unique canvasses provide the grounds for new and old works of art, mending saintly subjects together in an antique tribal-like fashion within surreal tragedy and parody. 


Lanky also “writes by the way,” check this out, “Pulls out his futuristic communication device, calls his closest of friends, and lights up his pain-med vice / He confesses through the inanimate instrument his desperate need for help, cause this tobacco isn’t going to help him sleep.”

“My brain has always worked in a different way.  I always take the scenic route or ‘over-engineer’ my ideas and thoughts,” says Lanky who also confesses that music influences him beyond art but also in his every day life, “The combination [of music and art] is what keeps my sanity.”

Getting to know this passionate individual you will find that he is an eclectic person; working 40-hours a week, checks the gym, listenes to underground music and surrounds himself around artistic people constantly.  A couple of his favorite groups Strange Famous Records [Artists include Sage Francis, 2Mex, Prolyphic and Sleep] and Who Cares from Sacramento.

Music triggers Lanky’s artistic mindset, “I can have an entire conversation with someone and have no idea what it was about because I was in my art-zone.”
Lanky is an artist that has been able to please the masses but of late he has been getting a little artsy.


“Those who don’t like it motivate me to do more art like the stuff they dislike.  It’s a real ‘fuck-you’ thing, I guess,” says Lanky whose art has just began to get “taboo.” 

I guess so.  Lanky is currently grinding to Morrissey.


If you want to know more about Lanky Art check out his MySpace page 

Ned "Lanky" Flanders Postulates Assimilatious Notions...Is that a real word? -- Photo Courtesy of Ned Flanders
Ned "Lanky" Flanders Postulates Assimilatious Notions...Is that a real word? -- Photo Courtesy of Ned Flanders


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