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By Aaris A. Schroeder

Sacramento, CA hip-hop recording artist Doey Rock is a business man who keeps true to the streets and his music with singles such as “Bring Back Double” and “Keep it in the Hood.”  Doey tells the story of the streets, channeling his emotions towards his music as apposed to other outlets, even though he lost his way in the beginning, living his life as a hustler.

Unsuccessful in getting signed to a major label, Doey was pre-empted to create his own label, iNDUSTRIAL WORKS and has been signed to Sick Wit It Records, famous for its protégé artist E-40 who began the label years ago.

Doey was brought to Sick Wit It Records by way of Big Omeezy through Taylor Made Records, “He was a fan of my music,” says Doey who states that they became friends and business affiliates after that.

“He brought me to Sick Wit It Records and to the radio station[s],” says Doey, even though Omeezy isn’t playing a large role right now in Doey’s music, he is still there.

Doey feels that much of the music that is heard on radio and shown in videos on MTV is simple music, “Hip-hop is an umbrella – rap, break dancing, DJing – people don’t respect the craft [to be] creative.  How easy is it to get a 14-year-old an mp3 player and a computer?  It’s too simple.”

Quality music is more difficult to come in contact with when the media and communication companies don’t allow it to surface, agrees Doey.   His song, “Bring Back Double” was originally to be released on his album, “Soul On Fire” and was entitled, “Flip Game.”  Hot Soup Records “chopped and screwed” the hook, according to Doey Rock and released the song with E-40 as “Bring Back Double.”  Doey Rock has also released “40/40 Club” and “Gang Gang Right Here,” the mix tape.

“I am a Nas fan, I am a hip-hop fan.  I was never a Mac Dre fan.  I never knew who he was.  Beastie Boys, Run DMC [is what I listened to].  I will be hip-hop till the day I die,” says Doey, whose life passion is to stay true to who he is.

Doey Rock Solutes.  - Photo by Stimulate Photos
Doey Rock Solutes. - Photo by Stimulate Photos

Commercialized hip-hop is what people generally think of when they hear that word.  Doey says he would have never made a song like, “Bring Back Double” three years ago.   When he first started performing, he used to hype up the crowds by playing other people’s beats and laying fown his own lyrics.

Independently produced, Doey still is able to record with some of the larger players such as Raekwon the Chief, Supafly, Da’s and Carlos, “SixJuly,” Broady and has performed with KRS-One, The Roots, Nas and Xzibit.  Currently, Doey is working on the release of “The Montana Express” and the “916 Compilation” is still being played in the streets.  Music lovers can find his beats and tunes at Itunes,, CDBaby and MySpace. 

“I want to travel to England, Japan,” explains Doey who is interested in touring other countries.

Currently, Doey Rock opened up the Silk II in Rancho Cordova to an event called Sac Rap Connection in ’08.  It  a place to network and show off what you are worth.  Who ever wins the artist battle on stage wins access to 916 Factory, one of the newest studios in Sacramento, based directly in midtown.  Last year, Doey Rock released, “916 Unified” out the box spring ’08 & “The Montana Express” released summer ’08.

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