The Arlyn Anderson Trio: Jazz ‘n Funk

By Kenny Starks
Staff Writer

A very intense fusion of notes makes room for innovation, Arlyn Anderson, made up of Arlyn Anderson [electric guitar], David O’keefe [upright bass] and Tim Metz [drums].  These cool cats are bringing new combinations of old classics and can keep your body moving throughout the night. You should go out and get some catnip because they are that agile in a classy way.

With an album yet to be released, be ready for sounds for sore ears. There will be jazz arrangements of Michael Jackson, Metallica; expect profoundness.    

Photo By Kendaru Photography
Photo By Kendaru Photography

“You also could simply say we’re a modern jazz trio,” says Anderson.

The Arlyn Anderson Trio can be compared to combination of Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix according to Anderson. If you are down for some eclectic jazz, check out the Shady Lady or J.b’s lounge to see this group literally in the act. Arlyn Anderson also plays for private parties so if you are interested in booking them check out or or their official website for more information

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