Getting Cutty

By Kenny Starks
Staff Writer

Cutty, 20-year-old Sacramento native got is start in music being a fan of music.  Dabbling in guitar and harmonica, Cutty’s true passion is performing several genres of music.  His sound is soulful, funky and bluesy. 


“Music helped me cope with reality,” says Cutty who was hanging out with the wrong crowd in his adolescence, dabbling in drugs and fighting, “Music saved my life.”

Cutty began to get into music such as The Doors and such and it helped him to get away from the negativity in his life when he was 16-years-old.  Limited on songs that he could sing, he had to expand his music choices.  Cutty believed that high school was a joke so he was transferred to Buckingham Charter Magnet Charter School.  Cutty got involved with film for three years at this John Travolta –created charter school. 


The charter school started a program for a Jazz band where Cutty became inspired to sing.  The band, Jukebox covered a lot of rock songs.  While in Jukebox, Cutty started Curtain Call made up of Nick [drums] and Matt Schnieder [guitar] and Ben Dawson [rhythm guyitar/songwriter], Butters [bass] and Cutty [vocals].


Graduating high school, Cutty went into theater school briefly before moving to Sacramento with his mother.  Funk Naked, Cutty’s next band came to being via Craigslist. Currently, Cutty is singing soul, blues and other genres of music at Whiskey Wild, Free Music Wednesdays Open-Mic and can be seen performing July 26 at Beatnik.

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