Theek: Cadillac Music To Cruise To

Photo By Amanda Lopez
Photo By Amanda Lopez

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Theek, emcee for Righteous Movement, made up of emcees Sol, Tais, Skurge, producer DJ Slim AKA Jae Synth and DJ Tofu, Slim’s brother.  Theek, whose hopes include CADILLACS, CADILLACS, CADILLACS has been writing since he was six-years old and eventually it turned into lyrics. 


He spends most of his time making music and the rest of that time thinking about it as he sips on his favorite beer, Newcastle.  The story goes that Theek and Tais met at Structure a retail facility where they both worked and combined with Sol to create the trio, Righteous Movement.  Later, they were introduced to Skurge and Slim who were working the drum& bass circuit and combined efforts by also bringing in Tofu to DJ.  Future projects include “Righteous Movement Present Series.”

“[Righteous Movement stands for] a movement towards righteousness or a progression towards a better place in life,” explains Theek, whose solo album, “Grown Folks Only” is currently in the studio with Tofu, his favorite producer getting mixed and mastered.  Look out for the album in record stores near you!  Check out more about Theek and Righteous Movement at

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