Culturally Inspired Graf-Writer BJ Paints Her Craft

Photo By Kenaru Photography
Photo By Kenaru Photography

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Initially getting involved with graffiti-art because her older brother in the scene painting 3-D pieces, Bjork AKA BJ, based in Sacramento who has been bombing for the last five years has been out to prove to male graf-writers that females are just as talented.

 “I thrive on perfection and graffiti,” BJ explains who lives her life as a realist.

BJ doesn’t think that [most] females should get into graffiti because a majority of them seem to do it for all of the wrong reasons; their boyfriends do it or they have friends who do so they start bombing to get artistic approval and hooking up with local celebrity serial taggers. 

“I do not give any female respect towards graffiti until they have been painting at least five years. And not just in their backyard under a bridge,” states BJ.

BJ says that people get graffiti and street art confused.   “They think it is ‘graffiti’ and it is not.  Graffiti is writing your name all over everything at other people’s expense.”  BJ started out with the MI crew and then moved on to the BKF, NF and CASINO Click and has been arrested for her art when she was 18-years-old.  She was charged maximum penalties, “I learned to be more cutty from that experience,” she says, “At the time, I was running the city and thought I was invincible.”

“It takes over your mind, sort of like drugs,” says BJ, who was heavily involved with bombing when her mother was dying of cancer, “It was the only thing that made me feel invisible to the world, even though I was far from invisible on a billboard six stories up.  I’ll never stop.  Ever.”


Recently BJ has been booked for Second Saturdays Downtown at local art galleries such as Shiny Nickel Art Gallery; located on 21st St. between O and P and The Factory on 17th and I St.  Her ultimate goal with her art is to paint larger murals and create backdrops for music videos and movies.

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