Community-Driven Hip-Hop Dance and Martial Art Studio Busts a Move

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Capitol Roots Center is where to go if you are trying to learn urban dance, martial arts, cipher poetry or hip-hop theatre, also providing an event management and promotion service within the Sacramento community while at the same time donating to a non-profit or charitable cause.

The center is shared with well-known dance studio, Royal Dance Co., located at 35-D Quinta Ct. in the Greater Sacramento area where practices such as hip-hop dance, popping and locking, break dancing, krumping, turfing and extreme martial arts and martial arts tricking are taught daily to young people and adults of all ages. 

Open-mic sessions are available too, where the art of poetry and cypher-style rapping is taught.  The open-mic is available to be seen by a live audience at Royal Dance Co. beginning late spring ’09.   

Summer ’09 will showcase Capitol Roots first annual Trifecta Battle, featuring break dance, hip-hop and martial art tricking.  The event will be raising awareness of local community needs as well as getting youth and adults excited about becoming active with the center.  There will be a final battle fall ’09 where a dance showcase will take place as well. 

Photo Provided by Capitol Roots
Photo Provided by Capitol Roots

“We bring the community and the youth together through studio arts and various events, by encouraging continuous, productive and creative learning and spreading positive social change through urban art and culture.”

Capitol Roots isn’t just dance and martial arts; they also will be providing theatre production winter ‘09, “Broadway Style.”  Each performance will feature local and national hip-hop theatre actors. 

“We strive to achieve our vision to inspire local youth and the community to follow their passion and find the artist and leader within.  We take the art of the streets into the studio and on to the stage.”

For more information about Capitol Root events, how you can get involved or get some urban lessons, check them out at, or

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