DIY: Engineer Yourself 4 Less

By Daniel Graves
Contributing Writer

Music is undoubtedly changing in every aspect such as sales, media, video, distribution, ownership and rights.  It has always been assumed that if you have a song on the radio being signed you concludes stardom.  Now with the internet expanding in ways we are not prepared for, the music industry has left a big gap for motivated and talented artists to own and profit from their own artistic talents.

This is how you get your business right.  First become a member of The American Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers [A.S.C.A.P.] or Broadcasting Music Inc. [B.M.I.].  Next, get online and research places to sell your music such as iTunes and CD Baby.  You want to hire a professional music lawyer once your music is copy written and mastered.

Success will arrive with professionalism, education and a growing passion for the art of music production.  Take a few classes at a local community college about music recording and business.  Learn music recording programs such as CuBase, Nuendo, Pro-Tools or Sonar. 

Get equipment for recording.  Purchase the most affordable software with an interface, outboard compressor and pre-amp.  Find a condenser microphone and stand with a Popper Stopper.  Buy a 2.5 motherboard/processer combination [at least] that is able to take at least four gigs of ram.  You may use a soundcard with Midi keyboard inputs.  This usually runs about $250.  One midi keyboard controller and you are ready to track out and record. This is affordable for under $1500.

The most talented people can become extraordinary when they also work hard, stay focused and execute. If you are meant to do this you must make sacrifices. Much love and luck.

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