Funky Congas, DJs and Live Music Go-Goes!

Weekly Review

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Go-go music came to Sacramento August 16 via Rick Famous at his venue Listener’s Lounge at Japanese Restaurant, Kamon’s [2210 16th St.], an underground weekly that has been steadily growing in attendance.  What is go-go music may you ask?  Go-go is a subgenre of funk that originated in Washington D.C. in the mid to late ‘70s and much of the genius came from a man named Chuck Brown. 

Go-go is familiarized by a strong bass/snare pattern or more technically a dotted rhythm that made up of series of quarter and eighth notes.  The music includes a DJ, conga drums, timbale and cowbells.  You can hear this sound in Rare Essence’s song, “Jungle Boogie.”  

and Cutty Dre [Go-Go Producer & Emcee] — Photo By Venessa Amarro”]Rick Famous [Host] and Cutty Dre [Go-Go Producer & Emcee] -- Photo By Venessa AmarroKutty Dre, who has lived in Washington D.C. since he was four-years-old brings go-go music alive in Sacramento, explaining that the roots of go-go are African-Cuban music infused with rock; party music with percussion.  He says that the first go-go bands were known as junk yard bands as underground rock bands are known as garage bands.  Kutty-Dre’s background in music stretches from James Brown to Earth, Wind and Fire and, of course Chuck Brown.  His father was a radio executive for WPGC in Washington when he was growing up; always around music.  Cutty Dre was relocated to Sacramento in ’94 and attended Valley High School, graduating in ’95 and attended Cosumnes River College for Studio Engineering.

“Go-go is ever evolving, it is its own genre,” explains Kutty-Dre who says that rapper Nelly sampled a Chuck Brown song for his hit, “Hot in Here.”

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