M1 of Dead Prez to Start Six-City Speaking Tour In Sacramento, Sept. 23


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M1 of dead prez to Start Six-City Speaking Tour in Sacramento

M1 of dead prez Will Be on a Speaking Tour, “From The Ghetto To Gaza;” Sponsored by S.F. Bay View Newspaper, P.O.C.C., Block Report Radio and Hip-Hop Congress, Beginning September 23-29, Throughout Northern CA.

Sacramento, CA, September 23, 2009 – Starting in Sacramento, CA; M1 of dead prez, one part of well-known hip-hop duo on the underground music scene will be speaking about his travels to Gaza, Ciaro and Europe at local café-restaurant and musical venue, Capitol Garage [1500 K. St., Sacramento, CA].  His speaking tour, appropriately entitled, “From The Ghetto To Gaza” will continue into Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz and Sonoma County as well.  After M1 shares his trip with Sacramento, local Hip-Hop Congress Community Chapter will host its second bi-weekly open-mic by emcee ÉlanMowerMan where local musicians will perform such as Oakland Rapper, DLabrie who will be traveling w the tour, Skurge of Righteous Movement, Verbal Venom and more.

Traveling with nearly 200 people, according to M1, including Green Party Presidential Nominee Cynthia McKinney to Gaza where they brought food, medicine, clothing and other supplies that citizens were in need of.  The trip; in conjunction with donations was created to research Gaza civilians’ day-to-day living circumstances compared to Black communities in the U.S., according to M1 in a story he posted at BlockReportRadio.com. 

“The main purpose of the tour is to politically educate our community about what is happening on a international scale. The Block Report, the Bay View and dead prez have international world views,” says P.O.C.C. Minister of Information JR.
The following day M1 will travel from Sacramento to East Oakland where The Minister of Information JR and Executive Producer of BlockReportRadio.com and Associate Editor of SF Bay View Newspaper will interview M1.  M1’s Speaking Tour is also a fundraiser to keep SF Bay View Newspaper in publication during the recession when print media suffers the most. 

September 25, M1 will be interviewed by Broadcast Journalist, Richard Brown of SF Channel 8.  Then on September 26, Nadra Foster, former broadcaster for KPFA will interview M1.  Her story made headlines when she was beaten up by police inside of the station she worked at after a member of management called the police on her in a lie.  September 27, M1 will be with DE-BUG Magazine, a local San Jose community-based magazine that covers anything from music to politics also affiliated with Hip-Hop Congress. Next week the tour will visit Barrios Unidos in Santa Cruz on September 28 and finish off at Sonoma State September 29.

For additional information about M1 of dead prez and his six-city speaking tour, you can visit sponsors at www.BlockReportRadio.com, www.sbbayview.com or www.hiphopcongress.com.  You can speak with Publicist Aaris A. Schroeder at ubomag@gmail.com, J.R. of BlockReportRadio.com at blockreportradio@gmail.com and Hip Hop Congress Outreach Director, DLabrie at dlabrozia2009@gmail.com.  Also view DE-BUG at http://www.siliconvalleydebug.org for editorial content. 

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