Sept/Oct Editorial: Gossip Sux

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Editorial Photo By John V. Phillips
Editorial Photo By John V. Phillips

I was going to write about how awesome it feels to ride a bicycle around town in lue of Mikey D’Witt’s Arts Feature.  Yet it was at that moment that my mind was sidetracked by so much gossip tumbling around town.  This epidemic should be spoken about. 

Living in a tight-knit community such as Downtown Sacramento, you are bound to run into your X-boyfriend, that girl everyone says sleeps around and even that cool guy from that one band.  It happens.  What shouldn’t happen is when people begin to talk about one another in unholy ways.  Gossipers can be straight  up on the rocks by bluntly talking about others behind their back, telling secrets or even trying to play the victim and bringing you down with them.

The best bet is to keep your information to yourself or go directly to the source.  A confidant is always good but must be someone you trust not to spill the beans.

Some gossipers, I notice do so to maintain power and control whereas others do it out of habit just like people bite their nails or smoke cigarettes; you just can’t help it even though you know it is wrong and there is no excuse.

There are people out there that have done some scandalous deeds or just aren’t so forthcoming of their personal lives.  There is nothing wrong with this; people’s personal lives should be kept to themselves, besides, hopefully we all learn from our mistakes.

Putting someone’s name in the streets allows the reciprocator the chance to take in that information or to deny it.  Once they take it in; which is what most people do, then they can decide if they want to defend the one being talked about, deny it, talk about it or even keep it to themselves.  Human nature finds it much more fun to talk about their new found information.  Just remember when you are gathering all of this “gossip,” bear in mind that it does no justice to move it along.  Stories get stretched, strained and boiled out eventually but someone always gets hurt in the process and that isn’t helping anyone. 

Being in media, I hear all kinds of information that I prefer not to hear.  I gently tell the communicator that I do not need to know this information and then I keep it to myself if it was already blurted out and choose not to judge the person that was being spoke about.  It is hard enough trying to survive in this industry, all someone needs is a little dirt flung around and that can be all it takes to make or destroy people.

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