LOCAL ART — Best Underground Secret in Sac: Mikey Dwitt

Mikey Dwitt, He’s My Hero!

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Mikey Dwitt is one of those “behind the scenes” type of guys.  He is also one of the most talented and humblest artists Sacramento has to offer.  If you don’t know now you will.  I was able to interviewDewitt over the phone after several failed chances, artists are naturally procrastinators and I am glad I finally had the chance to because now you have the ability to learn about Sacramento’s best hidden talent. 

Starting off as a visual artist using several mediums such as canvas, mural and walls and media such as acrylic and water paint, Dewitt paints eclectic, dark art for his friends.  His nature extended into making jewelry and then into gas-powered, custom built cruiser bicycles. 

One of Mikey's favorite bikes.  -- Photo by Kendaru Photography
One of Mikey's favorite bikes. -- Photo by Kendaru Photography

UBO: What type of art do you produce?

MD: Random, I fall into a certain style [of art] for a year or so then switch it up


UBO: So you make really awesome jewelry and wear it yourself.  Do you sell it?

MD: Not right now, I think of a piece that someone would want, they don’t even know its coming.


UBO: Oh wow, so you give away your jewelry?  What types of materials do you use? 

MD: Steal or aluminum.  [I] will use stones eventually. 


UBO: How did you get into tattooing people?

MD: I started when I was 17-years-old.  [My] Friends wanted to get tattooed.

Another favorite bike of Mikey's.  -- Photo By Kendaru Photography
Another favorite bike of Mikey's. -- Photo By Kendaru Photography

UBO: Where have you tattooed and for how long?

MD: I have been tattooing for 12 years.  I have tattooed in Oregon, Washington and Sacramento.  I have tattooed at Bonehead, Modern Art Body and [now] Sub-Q. 

UBO: Any local celebs that you have tatted up?

MD: Wyzdom, Cawzlos [98% of all tattoos on his body], M.I. Geezus [The Alumni], Miss Ashliegh, Matt Cali [AKA Fiasco], Doey Rock and many more

UBO: Wow that is awesome.  Do people generally know what they want to get tattooed?

MD: People don’t know what they want. 

Mikey w/ bike.  -- Photo by Kendaru Photography
Mikey w/ bike. -- Photo by Kendaru Photography

UBO: So being a visual artist, how did you get into building gas-powered cruisers? 

MD:  I was riding my bike for a while and putting stereos on them and [then I] put a motar on it.  [I had] pocket rockets (small bikes) – I had five of them.  Then they were outlawed.  I built one for [this] kid and then my friend Rob Delvillar built one with me.  I am not selling them right now but I have five bikes. 

UBO: Are they legal?

MD: They are pretty much what you would call ‘gray area.’  Bicycle and small motorcycle laws [are similar].  I have been pulled over; they [the cops] give us laws.  [The bikes] fit moped laws but not necessarily, they are pull start bikes.  Some cops say to stay in the bicycle lane and others say to stay out of the bike lane.  [We usually] ride 10-15-miles per hour.

UBO: Does your bike have a name?

MD: My favorite is called, “My Baby.”  She is a green bike with [a] stereo, bells and an iPod.  I also have a bike named “Elvis” because Elvis Presley is on the bike.  Another one is called, “Runner;” built by accident.  I have wrecked it a couple times. 

UBO: What else do you like to do?

MD: Behind Sub-Q; that is where I can build everything. 

UBO: Who is your favorite rapper?

MD: Sounds biased but M.I.Geezus, Cawzlos, Mahtie Bush.

UBO: Well, at least you got to tattoo three of your favorites, right?  What does your mother think of all that you have done?

MD [laughing]: She enjoys it, she is very supportive.  She enjoys life to the fullest.

UBO: You seem so humble but where would you like to go with your crafts?

MD: I would like to have a company so I don’t have to work so hard.  Tattooing is very trying on the soul.  I don’t want to have to create every moment of every day.  It gets really hard sometimes. 

Mikey hard at work, calling clients.  -- Photo by Kendaru Photography
Mikey hard at work, calling clients. -- Photo by Kendaru Photography
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