Forget Traditional Cafes, Come to Quickly!

By Aaris A. Schroeder
June 6, 2012

The perfect place to cool down from a hot day.  Come inside of Quickly, located at 2100 16th and U St in Downtown Sacramento, CA.  Be greeted by bouncy pop music and colorful chairs and tables all of different shapes and sizes. Friendly college-aged employees patiently take your order from a list of well over 200 items.

The extensive menu includes mainly beverages such as Snows (smoothies), Juices, Milk Teas, Rose Teas, Slushes (Icies), Flavored Tea, Flavored Milk, Jelly Juice, Pudding, Snacks, Desserts and lots of tapioca, fruits, jellies and puddings to add to your special beverage.
Nothing on the menu is over $5 so while you get the best bang for your buck, high school and struggling college kids may have just found their new kick it spot.  Come on down and order yourself a Litchi Jelly Juice and Watermelon Aloe Delight and cool down.  While you wait for your order of Curry Fish Balls, Lumpia and Tea Flavored Eggs talk with friends or open up that text book and get to studying.  Don’t forget about the free wi-fi!  There is plenty of table top space and outside seating as well.

Quickly is not a new indie café Downtown, it has been around for quite a while but now will no longer be over looked in our own backyard.  This is a world-wide business chain spanning the globe in over 18 countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Taiwan, Korea, Phillipeans, Indonesia, Thailand, Spain, Canada, Japan, England, New Zealand, Vietnam, China, Dubai and the good old USA. This chain began in Taiwan yet has world-wide influences, including milk teas from England, Lumpia from China and The Phillipeans and lots of American classics such as Corn Dogs, Popcorn Chicken and Buffalo Wings.

Come on Down for a tasty snack and try a couple of the beverages, you will not be disappointed!

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