World Lounge Radio All-Star, DJ Alex J. Pumps it Up with East Coast Flair

By Aaris A. Schroeder
February 17, 2013

Hailing from New Jersey, Johnathan Alexander, also known as DJ Alex J. began his journey in ’96, and has DJed and produced for some of the best at Authority Studios such as Doodlebug [Digable Planets], Moka Only, Don Will [Tanya Morgan] and LMNO [The Visionaries].  Recently coming back from a tour and working on his world-wide radio show, “World Lounge,” DJ Alex J.  is moving into the big leagues as one DJ to watch since ‘13.

DeeJay Alex J created, “World Lounge Radio,” in ’12, bringing a global phenomenon that can be listened to any time.  DJ Alex J. spins anything from Afro-Punk to Rare Grooves, Deep House to Trip-Hop.  He involves his listeners through Facebook as he posts what songs he is spinning and receiving massive feedback from his listeners.

DJ Alex J., influenced by several accomplished artists such as De La Soul, The Roots, J-Dilla, Gang Starr, OutKast, Mos Def, Krs One, A Tribe Called Quest, Earth Wind and Fire and Al Green.

“World Lounge Radio” keeps true music golden and the fans keep talking about it.


The Listener’s Know!

By BJ Lanier

It’s Wednesday night. You’ve just come home from a long day at t’office (on some South Georgia slang, son). You’ve got one Stella Artois left in the fridge and two pieces of cold Popeye’s chicken. It’s been one of those kinda days where you question why you ever went back to school in the first place. 

What do you do? I tell you what the cool kids do…Fire up the internet and catch my man Deejay Alex J bless the cosmos with funky grooves, head nodding hip hop, and souls so deep that your soul suddenly remembers why you fell it love with it in the first place. World Lounge is that place that brings together all different type of folks – with one singular purpose – to groove out. 

As an artist myself, it’s cool that you get to hear newer cats (and kittens too) along with some of the stalwarts of the culture. I’ve more than once copped a CD from an artist that Alex featured – I trust his ear and his playlists like I trust the adage that ain’t nothing permanent but death and taxes. 


By Kim Possible

I’ve known DJ Alex since mid October 2012 via Facebook through a mutual friend of ours, BOAC.

DJ Alex creates a whole new mix of his fans’ and friends’ favorite songs into one set for his radio show every Wednesday.  DJ Alex personally connects with people he knows and networks with them to find out what their favorite tracks are so he can compile them into a new radio mix.  DJ Alex’s style is amazing in its own unique way.

Being that I have been in Social Media/Marketing over the past few years throughout my journey of being affiliated with the Auburn Hip-Hop Congress in the past year plus I have been able to connect with people all while networking through using my skills in developing great connections and relationships such as the one DJ Alex and I have. Both him and I connect musically which enables us to both express ourselves passionately via social media and great mixes on Wednesday nights while he is in New York City and I am in Oakland, CA. 

Every Wednesday night from 7-8 PM I listen to DJ Alex Emancipation Radio as it allows me to bring myself back to what the radio use to be, real Hip Hop and R&B blasting through the speakers without having to change the station. I have not seen him live yet. 

Emancipation Radio is not your typical radio show, it plays old school hip-hop we all like and know from signed artists however it also plays underground music too A.K.A. “The Unsigned Artists.”  One day, I shared a track of Golden Gloves music (a younger group I have been working closely with via A.H.H.C. for an Artist Development program) and little did I know that by sharing their great music to DJ Alex we now have the opportunity to appear on his show every Wednesday, opening up for the entire month of January.  This has not only allowed more listeners to DJ Alex’s radio show but has created a huge buzz for both the Golden Gloves, DJ Alex and A.H.H.C. which means new fans and listeners.

Since then I now recommend new songs by unsigned artists to Alex for his upcoming shows.  Soon, my homie and Carmichael-based emcee/producer Spends Quality and Oregon-based emcee Marv Ellis’s new tracks will have play on World Lounge Radio and the future is being written as we speak for new music to be shared worldwide. 



One project DJ Alex has worked on is, “Sounds from the 7th Dimension;” a mixtape by Digable Planets (released August ’10).  One member of Digable Planets, Doodlebug asked DJ Alex J to produce “Futuristic Sci-Fi,” (released summer ’10) and it released by “Fat Beats,”

Because of Alex’s production work, Digable Planets asked DJ Alex J. to host the reunion of Digable Planets in ‘10 on “World Lounge Radio.” He is also Doodlebug’s Tour DJ and has been on tour with Fat Lip.

“I think too many music [people] are not creative enough; they copy other [people’s] style or sound.  I want to try new things and not be afraid [of] if someone likes it or not. You know what I mean?” says DJ Alex J.

His love for hip-hop is deep as Alex is an avid record collector and heavily involved in the East Coast music scene.  Besides DJing, producing, making beats and listening to music, DJ Alex J. finds himself working for a branch of NENE Records, “Waako Records/Shami Productions” located in Manhattan, NY.  DJ Alex J has helped to produce and take part in mixtapes sold and distributed all over the world.

DJ Alex J. recently started working with Scissors for Sandy, a non-profit fundraiser created by hair salon owner, stylist and industry speaker Christine Zilinski’s that has offered salon treatments and haircuts at the Berkley Hotel in Asbury Park in New Jersey for victims of Hurricane Sandy. For more information about this benefit, visit  All monies received benefits New Jersey Hometown Heroes.

DJ Alex J. produces for other labels such as Nervous Records, Authority Records, Sugar Dish Records, Almost Heaven Records, Space Boy Musick and anyone else he can find time to work with.  Check out more of his music at


DeeJay Alex J. is Online

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