Kensho Kuma; Album: Projekt Life Force

Kensho Kuma
Album: Projekt Life Force
Released: 2010


By Aaris A. Schroeder

Kensho Kuma has had an interesting life, being born in Yokohama, Japan and moving to the United States in ’85. The Bay Area became his home and you can hear, in his album, “Projekt Life Force,” released May ’10, the massive Bay Area underground hip-hop influence while he spits in both English and Japanese.

“Projekt Life Force,” released by Wenod Label in Tokeo took over four years to create, produce and release.  This is one of Kensho Kuma’s best releases so far and definitely resonates even today, three years later.

Kensho Kuma’s sound is similar to Talib Kweli or Dilated Peoples, he is greatly influenced by Wu-Tang Clan as well.  His lyrics are on point and are easily relatable to those involved in the hip-hop scene or those looking for a positive outlet through music.

“I’m a King” is one of the better songs in which Kensho talks about being hip-hop royalty and relating it to “his people” in this and other life times.  The song brings light to being a king in hip-hop as well where he calls himself a “Blacklisted Champion.”

For more information about Kensho Kuma, how to purchase his music and where to see him perform, visit his website at


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