Mr P. Chill; Album, “Once Again”

Mr P. Chill
Album: “Once Again”
Released: 2010
Produced By: MPC Recordings


By Aaris A. Schroeder

I have to give it up to Mr. P Chill, this is one emcee I have been watching since ’01 when I first entered the music and art scene as a journalist in Sacramento, CA.  Mr. P Chill has always offered the truth with a positive message. His beats have evolved some during the years however his album, “Once Again,” released in ’10 definitely proves growth in his music career.

I enjoyed listening to the interlude, “Mad As Hell” which samples the independent documentary, “Zeitgeist.”

One of the better crowd pleasers on this album is, “Emcees Ain’t About Shit,” featuring Mike Colossal. When heard live, Mr. P Chill will get the entire crowd to yell, “Emcees Ain’t About Shit!” as loud as they can.  You can feel the fake emcees leaving the door with their tail between their legs.

Mr. P Chill likes to pull his sharpies and things out sometimes so it is no wonder that he released, “Graf Head Chick.” He says, “Give me a conscious girl fuck your fake ass hoe.” The beat actually reminds me of ducking and diving; creeping through the streets and alleys with paint cans and sharpies.

This album features Crazy Ballhead on, “Love Overcomes” and Kimberlie Whitford on, “Illusions.”

For more information about Mr. P Chill, where he is touring (currently with DJ Nocturnal who is also featured on this album) and any other albums he has released since way back when, check out

Album Cover - Once Again

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