The Nuance; Album, “Intricate Simplicity”

The Nuance
Album: “Intricate Simplicity”
Released: 2006
Written, Recorded and Released by The Nuance


By Aaris A. Schroeder

I’ve been telling Lare Crawley, bassist, guitarist, B3 and backup vocalist for The Nuance I was going to write a story about him for years so I will do it in the form of an album review.  “Intricate Simplicity” was released in ’07, white a while ago for a new album review however, Lare goes back in Sacramento history way further.

Lare recently retired from Old Ironsides as Open-Mic Host, in which his voice reminded you of those radio hosts who tell stories in the ‘40s or ‘50s on the radio.

Even though this cat is an older dude he is well tuned and oiled when it comes to music, The Nuance, formed in ’04 reminds me of the non-hip-hop version of DC Talk, melodic, soft and easy to listen to.  The mixture, The Nuance says is a nice blend of “rock, funk, reggae, blues and classic” sounds.  The album was recorded in two weekends at Paradise Studios with Scott Reams, better known for working with Cake, The Bennys and Sans Similar.

I can definitely see myself jamming down to this band while sipping on some wine at a local festival or right at the winery. A great live band and the album definitely speaks for itself.

Intricate Simplicity Album Cover Lare Crawley

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