Chelsea Wolfe; Album, “Feel Something”

Chelsea Wolfe
Album: “Feel Something”

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Chelsea Wolfe, Sacramento, CA turn Los Angeles performing artist turn perfectionist musical stylist with the most and with her based vocalist styles just hitting you like you went home and saw your favorite friend or cousin; her album, “Feel Something” brings all of that to light, her new album.

Flowing with dark, real speed of knowing, this lady knows how to speak her words and get the reality out about how she feels. Wolf’s intensity is grabbing, keeping.  Innocence not gone, just straggling.

A shy artist, Wolfe has an understanding how to speak to the masses and it only happens because her music resonates.

Wolf’s music is very fragile however severs the heart with just a simple acoustic and vocal.  Listening to her music, one can’t get beyond her vocal or the achromatic guitar. If you can, you may lay a tear or think of something else you have gone through in your own life.

“The Way We Used To,” brings forward all emotions and allows all to see how this artist sees relationships, in turn everyone should see what Chelsae sees.

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