Musical Production: “Something Inside is Broken” Production Debut: Late March 2016

Musical Production: “Something Inside is Broken”
Production Debut: Late March 2016

By Aaris A. Schroeder

“Something Inside is Broken” is a musical production, that reflects upon the dark history of the Nisenan Tribe, a part of the larger Maidu Native American Tribes that have been nearly killed off, pillaged, leaving just 95% of its population beginning in 1838 through the Gold Rush Era where people traveled to what is now California for gold.

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The area we recognize as California today was owned by Mexico as of 1822 by way of Gaspar de Portola who founded the land mass in 1769. Mexico never colonized up past where Sonoma county lies, so the land remained in de facto possession of indigenous tribes of mainly lived in these areas, sharing the land up and down the coast and through the valleys and mountains. Mexico decided to take land grants of the land once United States immigrants began coming over to Northern CA for gold. Now, seven generations after John Sutter and others murdered, raped and pillaged the tribe, only five-percent of these sovereign native people survive.

This is a musical rock-opera recreated through the stories of the five-percent and brought to the public by local organizations, sponsors and supporters. Those involved in sharing these kept native truths include Composer Goodshield Aguillar and Jack Kohler who also was the scriptwriter and musically arranged by Simon Wilson. There are talented local artists and organizations involved with this project such as Stan Padila of Placer Arts and J Ross Parrelli (Universal Music Group Artist) of Auburn Hip-Hop Congress and Beats, Lyrics, Leaders. They both bring a plethora of talent, support and those involved with their organizations to the table.

According to a study by Sarah Hicks and Miriam Jorgensen in their ’04 study, “Large Foundations’ Grantmaking to Native America” and updated as of ’09 through a Foundation Center Organization in cooperation with Native Americans In Philanthropy, there has been a high decline in citizens who give targeting Native Americans and those who did give did not give directly to tribal governments but to organizations supporting Native Americans. West coast tribes have dwindled support which tails back to this film.


Funding through the tribe is nearly non-existent and definitely not enough, that is why those working on “Something Inside is Broken” and the Nisenan Tribe is reaching out for support. This tribe wants to keep their stories, language and culture alive for future generations, therefore it is imperative that funding is available for this musical production.

There are several ways to get involved or to donate. Each donation comes with a perk, and anyone can donate. Perks are set up in increments ranging from $10 to $10,000. A low-ball donation gets you an online copy of the musical soundtrack. If you have the funds and can drop $10,000, the highest donation available, the perks are amazing. Think private screening within a 50 mile radius of your choice, credits, VIP seating and a party table for after the viewing. Truly star-status.

If you are interested in performing, the crew is in production and currently auditioning for actors beginning January ’16. Musicians may apply mid-February for “Something Inside Is Broken.”

They plan to present the play by the end of spring and through fall ’16 from Los Angeles to Washington D.C.

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