Oshun Ede The Artist Formally Known as Ms. Mo Betta Erotic Poetry: Soft Kisses

Oshun Ede The Artist Formally Known as Ms. Mo Betta
Erotic Poetry: Soft Kisses

Submitted By Oshun Ede
Edited & Formatted By Aaris A. Schroeder

Oshun Ede; the artist formerly known as Ms. Mo Betta is a singer, poet and author of “Ruby Redd The Diary” and “Latenight Whispers,” both available in manuscript form. Oshun Ede was born and raised in San Francisco she has sang with a few local Reggae, Jazz, Blues, R&B bands and Gospel Choirs.

She is vocally versatile covering artists such as Erykah Badu, Adele, Jill Scott, India Irie, Randy Travis, Amy Winehouse, Floetry, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday and various Kpop artists.

Oshun Ede studies Korean, enjoys playing Tennis, perfecting her marksmanship and boxing. Oshun Ede is involved in the local Karaoke scene and is even featured in the karaoke reality show, “Karaoke Rhapsody” directed by Dominic Mah. Oshun Ede has started her own massage bar line called KissedByOshun CoffeeBean massage bars.

She also writes beautiful poetry and has for quite some time. Much of Oshun Ede’s poetry is erotic. She has an erotic poetry show on BlogTalkRadio called “The WetSet.” Oshun Ede is working on putting together an all-female cover band.

“Stay Tuned for my greatness”

-Oshun Ede

Soft Kisses

By Oshun Shunni Sings Ede

Begin at the tips

Of my toes going up my

Leg down and around my

Calf then they

Stall at my

Kneecap soft kisses then trail up

My inner thigh meeting my hip the

Right side my Breast is circled by soft kisses whom have now claimed my

Neck near left breast is drowned with

Sof kisses whom have now adopted my

Navel gets a tease my top lip is invited to this

Kissing party soft kisses then begin to

To shower my bottom lip gets some attention did I mention fingertips a pure con-

Fection then without

Warning soft kisses make their way

Down to my

O my I

Lay fixated, paralyzed my

Thighs shake and shimmer I

Caress you as you

Bless me with a secret

Kiss below the

Waist the

Taste? So sweet like unto an imaginary chocolate

Tree with one soft kiss I

Grip the base squeezing

Teasing pleasing swelling

Swollen frozen feel the pulse as


Rection signal for more affection then

Full rounded lips meet it with a long

Lick the

Tip is teased sub

Linguistically near

Explosion you enter

Me passionately ‘o so

Gently rhythm brings us to the

Final bliss as you deliver

Upon me the last soft



Published on Feb 5, 2015
KARAOKE RHAPSODY is an unscripted comedy-drama about the karaoke singer community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Directed by Dom Mah. Filmed at Anh Hong restaurant and Nick’s Lounge in South Berkeley, California.

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