The Beatknocks, “Konnection Established” To Be Last Album Together

The Beatknocks, “Konnection Established” To Be Last Album Together

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Sol and Hennessy, Sacramento, CA-based Hip-Hop artists have released their second and final album together as the duo, The Beatknocks with their album, “Konnection Established” October 2015, still in rotation.

Both emcees have released music on their own and in collaborations in the past however they have come together for this second and final album. Known as the Beatknocks together, Sol and Hennessy’s first album, “Spittin Image” features classic boom-bap Hip-Hop style, produced in Sol’s workspace, On Point Studios.

Hennessy – The Beatknocks

Hennessy, born as Jeffery Harris in San Jose, CA began writing music in ’99 under his current moniker. Hennessy has had the opportunity to perform on the same stage as Mystikal, Bubba Sparxx and many more, just to name a few.

Solomon Lopez, also known as Sol is from Vacaville, CA and has been in the Hip-Hop game just as long however recently has decided to start his own business and put music artistry to the side to start a family. Previous albums, “Recognition,” “Mixed Messages” and “Distress Signals” were locally successful but did not pay the bills. Hennessy says that Sol may work with him on another Beatknocks album in the future but that he is done with music for now.

“We work very well together. We’ve been in two other groups together before forming The Beatknocks,” says Hennessy. Those other two groups are Beats Cause War (BCW) and Forensic.

Sol & Hen
Hennessy & Sol – The Beatknocks

“Konnection Established” has some pretty good tracks, so take a listen. One music video, “We Ain’t The Same,” from the recent album, featuring Speak EZ takes you back to when Eminem started and even before that with cuts like … “Burn” by Militia, having an early ’90’s gangsta beat similar to some of Warren G’s early music, keeping it funky. The rest of the album follows with influences and samples by Beastie Boys’, “Slow Ride” on The Beatknock’s song entitled, “The Juice.” The song, “When I’m Gone” is reminiscent of a late ’90s southern rap feel; think Goodie Mobb or Everlast. The guys keep a clean Cali-flavor that other Hip-Hop groups and artists like N.W.A., modern Ice Cube (of N.W.A.) and Mack-10 bring in their music. Pure Cali. Their lyrical style is complex with a fun, funky balance.

The two perform all over Northern CA mainly in the Sacramento Valley, Placer Foothills and Reno, NV. The Beatknocks have shared the stage with with Afroman, DJ Quik, Crooked I, Rittz and more. Hennessy is currently involved with several groups including, Snatch’n Gwap, Kali Boyz and E.M.A. Hennessy plans on expanding his network with this Beatknocks album and future solo projects.



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